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Dixie Heights at 4A #2 Covington Catholic (Predictions)


Dixie Heights vs. Covington Catholic  

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  1. 1. Dixie Heights vs. Covington Catholic

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Or, The Colonels and The Dave's Vs. each other.


Former CovCath head Coach Dave Brossart brings his Dixie Red Colonels to CovCath Blue Colonels and Dave Wirth in a Dixie Hwy / CovCath Hwy head to head battle at Wooten Field on Saturday August 25th with the kickoff planed for 1pm.


Dixie is 0-1 after losing to Newport Central Catholic 37-22 in week -0- while CovCath 1-0 threw a goose egg at Campbell County in beating the Camels 37-0.


Can Dixie be the first team to cross the goal line against CovCath this season?


Can CovCath surprise the Red Colonels, as Brossart was the Head Coach at CovCath in the current CovCath seniors freshmen year?


Can CovCath continue the streak of four straight victories vs Dixie?


All this and I am sure more.......

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This game will be an uphill battle for the young red Colonels. Dixie's never had much success stopping the pass and they will be going up against NKY's best passer in Blake Bir.


If they want to keep it close, they have to keep CCH's offense off of the field.

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Cov Cath will score at will until they take starters out. Then their back-ups will score at will. I just hope Dixie's coach is smart enough to pull some starters once it gets out of hand, and it will. It's one thing to lose, but to also lose a starting player in a lost game is insult to injury.

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Dixie has some very good athletes but they are young and inexperienced at several key positions. I have to think they are probably a year away from having something good out there..I will go with CCH in this one 47 to 14.

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I predict a comfortable victory for Cov. Cath. but not a tidal wave, running clock early in the 3rd quarter blowout.


Coach Brossart's will alone should keep the contest from being too much of a runaway.


Here's hoping for a clean and injury free game... and a Cov. Cath. victory.

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