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  1. Yes there is. You can't break huddle with more than 11.
  2. The fake even got me and I video'd the RB for about ten yards till I realized Hoge had it. It's hard to see game in that tiny 2" screen up there freezing my behind off!
  3. Anyone have the link to it on sportscenter? Can't find it.
  4. Last night was the best Cov Cath team I have seen in 8 years. They refused to quit and did a great job of pumping each other up. Even our (kid) announcer was dogging HHS fans for not having the energy the Colonels did. CCH is definitely on right path.
  5. Thank you for your insight. I just figured they were pretty good since they just beat the best team in the state. This could create a good crosstown rivalry that may turn competitive...
  6. So start the prediction thread and let's talk about it...
  7. Would love to see Mayfield and Graves play right now while they are both peaking. I know it's not possible. Congrats to that county for having 2 teams in the semi's!
  8. Get what a case for your multiple state title trophies? I know who you are. But with all attention on Mayfield, never heard much about Graves. Lets keep this about them. They are the ones that just beat one of the best teams on one of the bet runs in KY state football history. Congrats to Graves County.
  9. I'm in shock! I don't even know where Graves County is. Guess I better locate them on map as we will be in 5A next year. Amazing win.
  10. This needs to be its own thread! I think he earned it!
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