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  1. i believe thats a St. Louis Rams shirt..so its legal in the weight room. lol
  2. several people got in reps at the LB postion..Joe Roark, Evan Boyd, Will Rice, Tyler Jones and Kamron Smith. Overall Will played very well today. He got up in the holes and made plays. Our DB's didn't do bad either. Spring ran a bunch of wing-t so they got to step up and make some plays. Dave Bailey had a nice interception return to inside the 5yd line.The RB's ran hard again. A few cuts here and there couldve been the difference maker.
  3. WSAZ also reported the Ashland-JC game went into overtime. Another false.
  4. I think Corbin will most likely be the third game.
  5. Final score: 30-22 What does this mean for next years varsity players?
  6. Just a question: Does every ring have McGlone, HC, and #1 on it? or does it have the players last name, their position(s), and their number?
  7. I dont think Russell needs luck. This year i think we proved to a lot of people that we had the skill and determination to make it all the way. With many outstanding players coming back, it wouldnt be a long shot at all. More comparable to a 2 foot putt. (Not too far out of reach).
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