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  1. and they didn't make mistakes against LCA?
  2. or there are three sides to every story. His side, her side and the truth.
  3. The Mad Stork and bigblueinsanity. Enough said.:lol:
  4. I really appreciate the comment. Thanks a bunch. I have said it all along that Russell, Mason, Breathitt and Belfry all have a shot from this side of the brackets so we will all just have to take the wait and see approach.
  5. How soon do you need the stats. During the game or after?
  6. If that be the case I wonder why Mason and Russell should even bother playing. Me personally I would like to see that Belfry/Russell match up again. The 3 that I have seen so far have been dandies.
  7. Wow someone seems a bit bitter. I think that Russell, Mason, and Breathitt all have a shot at Belfry. Otherwise we may as well save the money and give Belfry the trophy. Belfry has been the team to beat for several years. They have been beaten the last 2 years. Once at Russell and once at the CAM. Anything can happen in high school football.
  8. We have already played that "team with your talent level" once and we all know the outcome. I think the discussion is about whether Bailey can have a game against Mason like he had against Raceland. If that happens coupled with Jones being healthy I look for Russell to win this one by 1-2 TD's.
  9. True. The two that I can think of right off my head that we scored first were Ashland and Simon Kenton. Ashland tried to make a come back and SK beat us. Call me superstitious but I would rather them come from behind.
  10. For some odd reason Russell seems to thrive on coming from behind.
  11. Abrams had 155 yards on 8 carries in the first half. I didn't hear the totals. Mav White is a player as well. Tyler Jones looked pretty close to 100% too.
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