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  1. What was the biggest upset of the year?
  2. Who won State TITLE, I know I watched Trinity win. Beat some team called X
  3. HOW SWEET IT IS!!!!!!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :dancingpa :dancingpa :dancingpa :dancingpa :dancingpa
  4. STATE CHAMPS again. How sweet it is. Petrino is tough, Got better as the year went on. I still say he's almost as good as Brohm. Hats off to the Defense, Coach Bean. Really the defense took a Fan ripping this year. Defense stepped up last few games of year. Great job. Hopefully Coach Beatty will be back. WOW to sweet. ST.X never seen this coming.
  5. He is as good as it gets. If he was 6-3, everybody in NCAA be after him. I think he is as good as Brohm was, From know to his first game this year, he has gotten better with each start. Brohm started as a Sophmore, this is Petrino first year starting as a junior. I say he's UL bound and will play.
  6. Like I said Just Bring It!!!!! ROCKS ROLL. I was impresssed with Trinity. This had to be the best played game of the year. Nick Petrino played a great game. The DEFENSE was huge. AWESOME job. I been one whos been on the Defense throughtout the year, but last night a Super Job. One left to go. Can you hear it, BEAT ST. X, BEAT ST.X BEAT ST. X, BEAT ST.X
  7. WOW, This is a win, win. No matter who wins. Great for Catholic schools. St. X is the best team in this state period. There Schedule has been tough throughout, Trinity hasn't had tough opponents until Henry Clay game. Trinity is rolling, there not the same team that played St. X 2 months ago. I hope there will be 25000 - 30000 people there, or more. Way I see the game, St. X is ST. X tough. Something telling me this is Trinity's year. Bob Beatty got Trinity rolling. Is this last game for Beatty? I hope not. This is a classic Trinity 31 St. X 30
  8. No way does Henry Clay win. St. X is team that could be in for a fight. I think X loses
  9. Trinity will be win this one. Coach Beatty got them rolling.
  10. Please were have you been living? Contender BALLARD, Funny. :laugh: Ballard football was a joke this year. Make sure to stop by Wallgreeens get some box Kleenex, cause Basketball season will begin Saturday morning. ROCKS ROLL
  11. Trinity better be ready, Trinity has a hard time stopping the run. Defense play good last night, not great. 2 fourth downs were stoppped. I still a little worried about defense. To many open players on passing, and really let Fern Creek come down the field. A shoot out Trinity 49 B.C. 37
  12. Only if Manual gets a coach who knows how to win the game at the end.
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