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  1. :thumb: :thumb::thumb::thumb: Highlands, (IMO), is the #1 football team in Ky. this year. X and T are good, but not as good as Highlands.
  2. I like the new allignment, except that the district games should, if possible, be played at the end of regular season instead of mid-season. The new allignment gives more good teams a chance at a championship, and increases competitiveness.
  3. Looks like Cov. Cath. is back. They're playing hard and confident; I'm sure Dixie and Highlands are taking notice. They'd better...Cov. Cath. is a team to be recogned with. Looks like the playoffs are going to be more competitive and interesting than first anticipated.
  4. I agree that Dale needs to put in more short passes. The running game is very predictible and makes the other team vunerable to short passes. Passing would also keep the linebackers and db's backed up which should help the running game. Also, I noticed at last night's game, that if our backs had bounced to the outside when the middle was stopped up, the field was pretty much open. Again, we were too predictible up the middle. Congradulations, Birds on the victory, but Cov. Cath. or Dixie is waiting and hungry. They know your game plan. You're going to have to execute better than last night o
  5. Hey NWO, thanks for the updates. Wasn't able to get to the game tonight.
  6. Go to "Kentucky.com, sports, high school." There is a picture of Joe Fitzgerald in on a play. I just happened to be standing next to his mother in what turned out to be the "student section" of the stands for Lex. Cath. She's very proud of her son, and should be. He's very tough on defense.
  7. I agree. The Birds need to develop a short passing game, or they may find themselves in trouble when playing the better teams in the playoffs.
  8. Well, it's good to see everyone pulling for their team and showing respect for others. The season so far is leading to some interesting playoff senerios. IMHO, if Highlands doesn't open up their passing game more, (besides Drapier), they will have trouble in the playoffs against the better teams who are training to counter their run game. Any reason Collingsworth doesn't play wide receiver?:fight:
  9. What time is the game Sat. and what TV station?
  10. Highlands' passing has to improve greatly from the Connor game for the Birds to have a chance. Otherwise, Elder will key on Kramer to try to shut down the Birds' O. Since I won't be able to get a ticket, it would be nice to listen to Elder radio 1050 AM give accounts of many Highlands TD's and a win. Saturday, one of them said that if they beat Highlands, Elder will be #1 in N. Ky.
  11. I like both teams, but Cov. Cath. will be way too much for Dixie to handle, especially after the Elder game.
  12. Is this game on TV or radio? If so, what stations?
  13. Highlands' passing was not very good agasinst Connor. The Birds need to w ork hard on that in preparation for Elder to have a better balanced attack. If not, Elder will key on Kramer, and have a better chance of shutting down Highlands' offence. Other comments?
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