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  1. It looks like all of the Trinity faithful are on the same hymnal page singing “we don’t have a chance”. Meade County supporters gave the Green Wave a better chance of winning than Trinity is giving their team. However it won’t work. The smoke detector is going off at 100db and the Tiger faithful are having no part of it. The Trinity supporters are setting up a perfect no lose situation. If Trinity loses they can always say “I told you so”. If Trinity wins, Bob Beatty will be proclaimed the greatest coach in the history of football, and this Trinity team will be credited with the bi
  2. From my advantage point high in the home side stands it looked like Meade County had taken up every seat on the visitor’s side, rung the track, and taken over the high ground by the concession stand. It was quite a show of support. Congratulations to the Meade County team and its’ supporters.
  3. Congrats to the Tigers, the defense got the Tigers rolling early forcing a couple of turnovers and Marshall County could not recover. The Marshall County facilities and fans were great. I too heard the radio crew blasting the private schools athletics, but I guess the halftime score had something to do with it. I felt for the few Marshall County players that lingered on the field after the game, unfortunately it all comes to an end way to soon for everyone.
  4. I second the gratitude for the input, hopefully St. X brings its' "A" game. I have seen pictures of the Marshall County basketball arena and that is quite impressive, if the football facilities are anywhere near that scope I will be doubly impressed. I would like to wish everyone safe travels, a good game, and no injuries.
  5. Right now it looks like there will be 4 busses plus cars. The fact that this game fell on the Holiday weekend may affect St. X followers. Many of the fans I know have long standing family plans for the weekend and may not be able to attend.
  6. St. X needs to keep the “fire” from the Manual game going. This could be especially difficult after a Holiday week and a long 4 hour bus ride to Marshall County. However, I think the Tigers can pull it off. Look for the offense to continue to work on their passing attack while pounding the ball up the middle with a host of RBs and the defense being ready to play. I doubt if we see Deuce unless it is him getting in for a few plays to knock the rust off. It will be difficult for St. X to keep Marshall County off the scoreboard, especially with a “Tremendous 26” runner like Williams; he mig
  7. Considering the competition, that was the most impressive defensive showing I have seen in many years. It was obvious from the first series of the game that the Tiger defense was making a statement to Manual and to the rest of the state. On offense the passing of Ben Zoeller to Will Simmons was virtually unstoppable and the running backs seemed to be hitting the holes a little harder last night. The Tigers dominated on both sides of the line, especially later in the game when Manual seemed to wear down. Congrats to the Tigers on a big win.
  8. This will be the best game in years. I think the Manual defense will be the difference in this one. Manual by a TD. Any chance this is the Insight game of the week?
  9. The amazing thing is the family is free to choose to go where ever they want to go for rehab, just like choosing what type of education they want. Apparentaly, that is not true in Bullitt County where kids are "owned" by the local school system.
  10. Tough break for a great kid. I am sure he will work hard through rehab and do what he can to help his team at practice and from the sidelines. It is up to his teammates to pull together and stay in the tournament long enough for Deuce to come back and finish the season with a bang.
  11. Amen to that. No one player can replace Deuce right now so it has to be a team effort by all the backs, line and receivers to pick up the slack. Hopefully a lot of other offensive players will get a chance to make an impact and they will take advantage of it. The other side of the ball has to pick it up as well. The defense cannot afford to play lackadaisical and let CovCath score early like what happened in PRP and Central games or they might not get the lead back. The Tiger defense needs to come out fired up and pitch a shutout to ensure a victory. I predict a low scoring game wi
  12. Hopefully the Tigers have shaken off the rust and will come off the bus ready to play. They don't want to let a dangerous Central team keep hanging around in the 2nd half or there could be an upset in the making. Let's hope the weather won't be factor. St. X should win by a couple of TDs. I admire the Central coaches for putting together one of the toughest schedules in the state. I don't think they will be afraid to line up against anyone come tournament time.
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