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  1. Would someone in the know please respond to this thread.
  2. This was a pathetic effort for Boyd. They looked emotionless. Someone on here stated that if you stop Wilson you stop Boyd. They were exactly right.
  3. If Boyd had a defense they would be dangerous.
  4. It's raining pretty good here in Lexington right now at around 11:00 am. What's the forecast looking like for the Ashland-Flatwoods area for this evening?
  5. I totally disagree about Boyd's defensive line. I thought their 2 starting defensive tackles are their best position. One of their defensive end positions need to get better.
  6. Boyd's better than a lot of you are giving them by some of these lopsided predictions. I say Russell wins in a dogfight. Boyd will have to win the turnover battle to win this game. I seen both their scrimmages with Belfry and Wayne,W.Va. Their first team more than held their own with both teams. If Boyd's offense can control the time of possession they have a chance.
  7. Right now I would give Belfry the overall edge. I think Wayne's offense is better. But I think Belfry's defense is better. I would take Belfry by a touchdown.
  8. Wayne,WV 33 Boyd 22 through 3 quarters. JV's took over in the 4th. The 1's and 2's played the first 3 quarters from what I could tell. Both teams moved the ball well. Wayne won the first half 3 tds to 1 for Boyd although Wayne got their third score with 12 seconds left in the first half on a tipped pass on a long pass to about the 4 yard line. The Boyd defender had decent position to deflect the pass and got his hand on it but it went up in the air and the intended receiver caught it and strolled into the endzone. It should have been 2 td's to 1 td at halftime. Boyd got the ball to start the
  9. I thought Boyd's line play was much better than last year when Belfry bulldozed them in last years scrimmage. Boyd's starting defensive tackles were outstanding. Don't know their names but they wore jersey numbers #74 and #61. They need these two to stay healthy. That big lineman #71 (Messer I think) is huge and plays second team DT looks a little more coordinated than he was last year but still has a way to go.
  10. Has anyone have a practice report ?
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