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  1. Why is Ashland keeping starters in, and going for two points when your team is up big?
  2. CONGRTS!!! TO THE BULLDOGS!! Boyd County played well!!
  3. That looks like running the score up to me......
  4. :ylsuper:Nice win for the CATS !!! Now get ready Johnson Central I do believe the Cats owe you ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (REMEMBER THAT QUOTE) what comes around goes around......:ylsuper::taz:
  5. Great win T-CATS!!!! :dancingpa:clap::clap:
  6. And next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, and the next year!:rolleyes:
  7. Okay Im for anyone who plays any Ohio team..lol... GO T-CATS WHOOP SOME TIGER BUTT!!!!
  8. Oh I agree with you, there is a problem with the whole sports program! at BC.
  9. Oh and Ram fans dont forget you guy's got a a game tonight , dont over look!!
  10. Now calm down people, some of you think Ashland is going to win the Super Bowl now... It's the first game and GC is still rebuilding, time will tell. good win for the Tom-Cats, GC keep working your time will come.
  11. Going with the Lions, there is a problem with kids not coming out, and again Y ??????? this has being going on for years now WAKE UP AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ANYWAY going to be a good game Rams have a few injured and I think BC 's QB and backs will keep them in the game long enough to win.
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