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  1. I agree. Josh has a chance to be very special. He is also just a great young man.
  2. Are all of the state championship games televised? If so, what station carries them?
  3. Yeah. I think this kid will be one of the top 250 players in the country next year. Channing Fugate is another dandy.
  4. I think they make them run sprints because of the varsity only playing 3 qtrs. They run them a little to simulate playing an entire game to keep them in shape for the season.
  5. Were is the grid played at Friday? I didn't get to make it out to LCC last week. I can't wait to see them in action.
  6. have coming back next year and how many seniors will they have?
  7. With Chris Jackson and Channing Fugate coming back, we will be fine at running back.
  8. Aaron Mullins for Breathitt County. 6'2" 225lbs. He has some of the best feet I have seen for an O line man. He's a little light in the britches but he makes up for it in fundamentals. He is pretty quick. He would probably make a great tight end in college.
  9. Middlesboro ran 2 plays last Friday that for some reason we couldn't get a handle on. They ran a spread option type play and about a 8 yard hitch to #7 that was there all night long. The option was almost allways to the side #7 was on and he ran off the corner and the pitch man was left open for the first 7 or 8 yards before any contact was made. We did a good job with our assignments except for covering the pitch man better and the coverage on # 7 was way to soft. As soon as he made the catch he would curl back inside and make the first guy miss every time. Middlesboro has a great offence but
  10. If that's the case, Lets go Eagles!!! Middlesboro will be very hard to beat at home. They allways find a way to pull it out. Lets just concentrate on Knott and worry about everything else next week. GO BIG BLUE!
  11. How young is LC team? I was impressed with alot of there players and their game plan. They changed a couple of things around from their previous games and took advantage of some things we were trying to do early in the game. It was a good game overall but it was not a well called game. 3 of those delay of game penalties were bogus. It was probably the fastest played game I have ever watched. It went by fast. It's was a good win for Breathitt against a quality team.
  12. I think Aaron had about 4 tackles but he was very disruptive and in the backfield all night. He had a couple of Qb hurrys that resulted in an intentional grounding call and an interception for a touch down. He did pretty good for his first game on Defence.
  13. I agree. I think they had 4 or 5 turn overs in the game but they still looked good in other areas for the first game. I think a lot of the credit needs to go to our O line. There not the biggest line we have had, but man they can block. I think they will make some noise this year.
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