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  1. This shakes me to the core. I pray for the young child and the comfort she is now receiving in heaven.
  2. It's almost like these people are taunting and daring and doing nearly everything they can to cause us to vote for a third party candidate and then laugh in our faces as we (the majority of the electorate) continue to vote R or D.
  3. In my opinion that's the problem with much of the political discussion going on now. You're either with us or against us. Anyone not to the right of Sean hannity is considered left wing. Only an extremely right or left leaning person would call Habib left or right leaning based on his posts. It hinders discussion greatly in my opinion. Discussion if ideas is one of the great aspects of this site and forum. Not discussion of people. Imo
  4. To call Habib "from the left" is more than a little off base. You should read back through his posts. He's more rational and middle of the road than most on here. Not that you have to agree with what he says, but there is usually sound reasoning behind his posts. At least IMO.
  5. What does anyone think will actually come of all this?
  6. Will he finish out the year teaching at Montgomery Co or get an early start at KWU?
  7. And about what percent are in taxable versus tax deferred accounts?
  8. What kind of diversification do you have?
  9. This is for everyone: What percentage of your investment money is in single stocks? That seems to be most of the discussion here, so I'm just wondering. I'm only about 7% single stocks. The rest is in mutual funds.
  10. Parent's get a disability check if their child is diagnosed with a psychological disorder?
  11. If the government had a dollar for every time it said it would address spending cuts "later on", the fiscal cliff would have never been a concern.
  12. Just for a reference, in the Thursday night game last night there were 125 plays and 9 kickoffs. I'm guessing the is probably around an average game. Therefore, if kickoffs are 5-10% of plays in football and result in less than 10% of concussions do the statistics support everyone's concerns? Not trying to agitate things just wondering.
  13. I don't think kickoffs are less than 1% of the plays in football.
  14. Hopefully they all transferred for reasons other than sports.
  15. I'd like to see the guy from fivethirtyeight.com analyze this statistical anomally and make a prediction on the likely hood of this happening.
  16. I see. I obviously don't read or post enough to be up to date on all the inside jokes and shenanigans. :thumb:
  17. Do you get bonus points for every time you say "life isn't fair?"
  18. Most money used to earn capital gains has already been taxed once. You don't think 15% is enough to take from gains on money that has already been taxed? What rate do you feel capital gains tax should be?
  19. I used to feel the same way about taxes. Heck, it's a part of the life cycle right? But after I did a quick ballpark assessment of the amount of taxes I have paid in my lifetime, which is well over $100,000 at this point, I thought it might be good to take some interest in where those dollars are being spent. I am glad things are good with you and your household and your company. And I fully support your right to support whoever in any election. I just think it is important for citizens to keep our government in check, and not turn a blind eye to how our money is being spent.
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