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  1. I believe they already have......:sssh:
  2. OHHHH, ok. I DO know what a slobberknocker is....:thumb:
  3. LOL...what's a pumpkin popper? I'm gettin' too old for this....:jump:
  4. Pikeville will be back!!!:thumb: The Panthers will smarten up this week and get the job done!! 35-7
  5. As much as I'd like to see a good game, it ain't gonna happen. SC will hang early, but Belfry is.....well, Belfry. 48-7, the Pirates are just too much for the Cards. Good luck both teams, and I hope it's an injury free game!
  6. This quote is also off. Nobody got "dominated" in that game. Come on, now!
  7. Totally WRONG.:irked: I recollect that the fans were saying they didn't like the TYPE of offense that Pikeville was running. I think it is a far cry from "trashing their offense" Pikeville has always been a running-up-the-gut type of team. It's just that we, as fans, were not used to the type of offense that was being played. It also took the kids awhile to adjust to it, too.
  8. I like your choice of words!!!:lol: :lol:
  9. How far did this kid move?? (miles) It sounds like if he moved from johns creek to ratliff creek, it wasn't much of a move. I think, according to KHSAA rules, he sits.
  10. Prestonsburg is no longer on Pikeville's schedule. From what I hear, it was the decision of the Blackcats.
  11. Even in a "down" year, Ashland is always tough. That says something about their program!!!:thumb:
  12. Hazard is always dangerous at home. Therefore, I feel that they can beat Paintsville at home, then lose to Pikeville on the road. That will put them at a solid #2 seed. :eek:
  13. Thanks! It takes a big person to admit when he's wrong.:thumb:
  14. Doug Howard went straight to Pikeville College for one year. He no longer plays college football.
  15. How is Hazard this year...REALLY? Are they young? what is their record?
  16. I wasn't going to post in this thread again, but when I read this, I absolutely had to. This is the best assessment that I have seen. I think you are RIGHT ON, and it would be a great ending point for this thread! Good luck Pikeville and Belfry in the post season! You BOTH make the mountian folk proud!!!:thumb: :thumb:
  17. Sorry if my post came across as harsh, but I just wanted to get the facts out there. Everythings cool....
  18. I'll admit you're good at twisting words. I am guilty of not liking the "type" of offense Pikeville runs. I am an old school, hard nosed, run it down their throat type of football fan. That's just what I like to watch. I absolutely NEVER questioned Coach's play calling. EVER.
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