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  1. When does Summer practice begin?
  2. I see tremendous improvement for the team this year. The running game seems to be alive with the Link and Pennington combo, the question is about the quarterback situation, and whether or not the QB has some potential targets to take some of the focus off of the running game.
  3. I believe the blackbears will win this one.
  4. Fresh thread for everyone's predictions. Harlan vs. Cawood at the Joe Gilley Athletic Complex. Last time these two teams face each other.
  5. Yeah I've at least 7 times that Cawood blew all of the other teams out of the water Friday. HA!
  6. Letton had shoulder surgery earlier this year didn't he?
  7. We scrimmaged them two years ago and sized pretty well. However, this summer we scrimmaged against them in a 7 on 7 and did pretty well also. It'll be a good scrimmage and good work for our DB's.
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