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  1. Catholic played probably their worst game of the year tonight. Neither team had much energy. I was surprised by the foul disparity but X does play physical. I don't think GRC and Catholic match up against each other at all so it will depend on who sets the tempo. I think GRC will win if they can force a half court game. Catholic will need to make it a foot race.
  2. In any case they aren't as good as expected right now.
  3. OK, Elliott had a bad game. But maybe Cedar Hill played poorly also? Those speculating that Elliott would have won if they played like they usually do, need to consider this. Elliott is my second favorite team this year but some of their fans seem unrealistic. Clark County along with Holmes and Scott County remain my favorites for Saturday at Rupp. Elliott is in there for the other spot with a few others mainly from Louisville area.
  4. Here's a link for the video. Game starts at 5:15pm. http://www.sccoast.net/beachballclassic/
  5. I really like Guyn but did he share the ball tonight? He is Mr. Offense, but SC has inside strength and the guards will need to learn to feed the post if they haven't done so. I didn't go to the game so please set me straight if I'm wrong. Congrats to Holmes on a significant win.
  6. I think the teams are pretty equal inside but give the edge to Scott County because of their outside shooting. Holmes has an edge in quickness but SC isn't slow by any means and will win if they play under control. Phares can beat you with his outside shot also but fortunately for SC, he tends to do the dirty work inside. Holmes does need to get Euton and Phares in foul trouble to win. Agree that Holmes doesn't have the type of team makeup that is needed to beat a Scott County. You need power and quickness to beat SC.
  7. I think SC may be the greatest team ever assembled in the state of KY. Not only do they have talent, but they seem to play well together. Good passing team. Run their plays and pass well. Euton, Jackson, Guyn have all improved from last year. Way too early to say this. The ingredients are there presumably but Hicks has his work cut out for him to get this group of players playing like a TEAM.
  8. in the Hoopsfest. LexCath was lucky to win this. Sanford came out on fire early and scored about 16 points but sat out the entire second quarter. The second half went back and fourth but Sanford again brought the Knights back from five down with a couple very long threes. Neither team played very well but a win is a win. I thought Tilghman looked pretty good and am surprised they aren't ranked in the Western half of the state.
  9. LexCath is paper thin in depth this year. The game wouldn't have been close if not for missed free throws at the end. Three straight misses on the front end of a one and one can ruin one's day. CovCath took advantage of Knight's brain freeze at the end which is to their credit. We're lucky to have one.
  10. I've been to most in the 11th and Scott County has the best I've seen.
  11. I place my hope for a Catholic upset on the offense being improved. The first time these two played LexCath had been victimized by several outstanding defenses and really hadn't had a chance to develop offensive rhythm. They've had seven games now to get their timing down and I hope for an improvement here. Of course the same holds true for BC but LexCath was very young at the start of the season.
  12. LexCath beat MC in a scrimmage in week one. Scott County beat MC recently. LexCath beat SC. Highlands beat LexCath 41-0. Do the math.
  13. Highlands has comparable talent to X among the starters but X seems to have much deeper talent. X also has a great kicking game. Highlands is good but wouldn't beat X in my opinion.
  14. I was really impressed with number 15, he seemed to be able to run or pass for first down at will. Kept hoping he would hand it off. I left in the fourth quarter because my friend had to get up early tomorrow. The score was 28-0 then and it looked like Catholic was competitive at the time but had no chance of making up the difference. I enjoyed the game and atmosphere despite the outcome. Got to talk to several highlands fans around me and they were all good people. Hope we get a rematch next year.
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