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  1. That's a thought. What's the word on Thomas More or any of the other local programs? Maybe he is going to UC to be an assistant. Who knows, good luck Kevin.
  2. How does JC's size/speed compare to other teams in the state? Are they the size and speed of a Bryan Station, or are they similar to Cov Cath. Honestly, if Cov Cath catches some breaks, they could make this one interesting.
  3. I agree. Also, we played Ashland in 1992 and won on the way to a state title. I can't even remember what number that one was. I think it was 13 or 14. If anyone on here thinks that the kids put any credence into this information before stepping onto the field you are crazy! Ashland, Good luck but as the week goes on, I feel more and more sorry for you that Highlands must redeem themselves and you will have to be the victim.:flame:
  4. I have known him since I was a little kid. He went to school with my siblings and is a class-act. I am not sure what's going on over there or why he'd want to abruptly leave a program that he has spent 16 years building, unless there was somewhere that had some money waiting for him. Sorry folks but after 20+ years of coaching and being an assistant, it Does become about the money. I wouldn't be surprised to see Scott HS offer him a package that he couldn't refuse. Just a hunch, but I am guessing it will be a NKY school and we may all be shocked by it, like Bishop Brossart or something.
  5. In order to win, they'll have to play Better than the champions. Let's hope that long bus ride takes a little out of them. I can't go for another nail-biter like last week.
  6. Agreed. Don't tell anyone that I agreed with a Cov Cath fan okay? It can be our little secret. I completely agree that Cov Cath just overscheduled this year and does have a good team but have some young guys that they've asked to grow up pretty quick. I think they have gained some momentum toward the end of the year. I see Cov Cath giving them a great game and JC holding the lead until the 4th quarter when Cov Cath will pull a miracle play, recover a fumble, intercept a pass, or something like they always seem to do. If there's one thing that you can count on with Cov Cath, you can throw the regular season record out the window.
  7. I would have originally picked SK all the way, but Conner's been playing good football as of late and I honestly can't pick anyone.
  8. Funny, I am impressed that there has already been 3 pages on this thread and it's Monday. I am also impressed by the number of Non-Ashland supporters of the Tomcats. It's nice to have some people on here in support for the other team. One item about last week that I am sure won't happen this week was the poor turnout by fans for BS and for HHS. I was embarassed for our fanbase that we could not fill up the stands for a playoff game for one of the biggest teams I have ever seen. BS was awesome but their fans didn't travel well. I know the band was gone and that's a big void in the stands to fill, but the student section wasn't even full. I am not making any bold predictions only that I hope we win and the funny business that went on prior to the game last week doesn't happen this week. That was poor sportsmanship. I also wish the best of luck to Ashland but unfortunately someone is going to have to feel the wrath of redemption. I think HHS will come out more focused this week and I am certain that they have practiced taking better care of the football after losing 2 of the 5 fumbles on Friday. Not sure of what the score will be. Let's just say it'll be: HHS: more ASH: less That's as bold as I can be right now.
  9. I was just telling my wife the same thing BF!
  10. I was the one screaming choice words that echoed off the wall behind you nicely may I add. I was simply just trying to explain to the ref that he needs to call that. When the offensive play is not eve going for the ball, shoves the defender with both hands and the defenders back arches from the blow, that's pass interference!:eek::eek::eek::eek:
  11. No lopsidedness at David Cecil Memorial Stadium tonight. Highlands had the scare of their lives almost failing to win in the first round and slipping away with a 28-22 win scoring the go-ahead with 19 seconds left. I'd say that was a good matchup.
  12. BS exposed many of Highlands' weaknesses tonight. I know that they won't come out that flat next week because they'll be staying home for the rest of the season if they do. This uppercut under the chin is what we needed. I did say in the prediction thread that I hoped to see a close game, me and my Big mouth! I'll never say that again. I promise. I agree with a previous post that these refs were absolutely terrible. They missed so many holds and a critical offensive pass interference call that should have went against BS but instead it resulted in a score and the lead for them. I am okay with losing to a team straight up, but when the refs start deciding the tempo and mood of the game, the game becomes unpure. Tonight I feel like that happened. Let them play! Let them play! Let them Play!
  13. Don't pick on him. That guy has been up there for like a hundred years. He does the best he can. He is a nice man.
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