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  1. Everyone cheats! It just seems like the Vols a team I cheer for is getting caught.
  2. Oh ok sorry I misread it. I know that Beechwood’s first title happened in 1984 with a 35-26 win over Paris. My two older brothers and I were apart of Beechwood’s first 5 state titles in their storied rich tradition history.
  3. That is one unbelievable stat that all of us Beechwood fans like.
  4. I remember after we beat Murray for the 94 Class A title we watched Danville for a little while when I think they played Bullitt East. They had some big boys on their team who could run!
  5. Is Beechwood’s schedule finalized yet or do you know?
  6. Beechwood and New Cath had some good games against you guys in the early 90’s.
  7. That is a very good question. I’m sure everyone is excited to see who it is.
  8. If they can get a QB that can lead the offense they might repeat.
  9. New Cath had some great teams in the early 90’s. I think if we didn’t beat them then they would have won state instead of us.
  10. RIP Coach! One of the greatest coaches of all time. My Beechwood teams had some battles with his New Cath teams in the early 90’s.
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