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  1. Typical beechwood fan. I ask a legitimate football question and you want to know about something that is private. You guys crack me up. Just because you need seniors to beat sophomores by one TD it’s all good.
  2. I’m with you. Beechwood has blown out the first three teams they played so everyone and the water boy got in. This has nothing to do with playing time or being shorthanded. Just call it what it is one school wants to beat another. I’m good with that.
  3. Let’s see how this goes: I would like an honest answer by someone that knows the truth. I was told Beechwood had several senior’s play in this game?
  4. Yeah , you keep believing that Beechwood and SK Sophomore classes are better than CCH. Not even close . But that’s why they have to play the games right
  5. All I have read for the past few weeks is Beechwood is the best team in KY all divisions! Other Beechwood posters have them beating CCH by minimum 3 TD! I’m just hoping to see a good game by two good teams. My personal opinion is these are two of the best coaching staffs in NKY!
  6. Best game I have seen our front play this year. Dixie is much bigger upfront than I thought. Also, remember Aiden is only a Junior. The kid has crazy upside!
  7. Absolutely. This might be the best thing for Highlands long term.
  8. This isn’t just a 5th year player . You have to expect people to say something when you have the returning Mr. KY back? FYI, they are high school kids so stuff happens. I’m sure this could go back and forth for a while . let’s just focus on football.
  9. Stinks but this team has plenty of weapons. They just need to play without all the turnovers.
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