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  1. I thought Roberts and Benke quit already. Then quit the 2 teams they left Covcath for. Wonder how the eligibility would work for them to comeback again.
  2. Covcath had no chance in this game. No one on the field wanted to have any part of 41. WC could have gave him the ball all game and he was getting 5-8 a carry. Covcath defense was on the field entirely to long. Offense just could not move the ball and the play calls were bland or ran wrong. Either way WC even with the mistakes had there way all game. Penalties or not. Did not matter. They were the better team all around except special teams.
  3. Highlands would have won that game no question.
  4. What school do you think he might go to next? Hopefully he stays put but….
  5. Front 5 for Covcath absolutely dominated highlands up front.
  6. Total score won’t crack 21. Highlands was given a TD in the last game apparently so I am going with 10-7 CCH. Championships are won on Defense
  7. Just curious what that means! (Peaking at the right time). Won 2 of last 7games. This class 5 A is wide open. Let’s keep in perspective what each team looks like each week. None of them look good. Cooper is more explosive than any of them. Covcath has only shown 5 plays it seems all year. Conner seems to be the worst of the 4. Highlands is the biggest wild card as they are still moving pieces around. Can’t wait for next 3 weeks.
  8. What we are witnessing this season at covcath actually is remarkable. They are proving that without passing they can still win. Without changing the plays they can still win. At this point who even knows what is going on each Friday with the Colonels. I would said this. I feel bad for the team that Eddie pulls off the curtain on. It won’t be qb sneak after qb sneak. You guys don’t honestly think they are only practicing draw right. Sadly no one has stopped it yet after Cooper and highlands stacks the box. What we have seen is 3 qb’s multiple running backs, solid line play, tough defe
  9. Only played in 2 games according to the stat sheets. Looked on KHSAA and seems like he had about 20 catches in 2 years.
  10. Regardless they missed it. He was looking right at the play and missed it. No dig at an official. The white hat missed it. Could have dictated the game. Hats off to the officials but he missed it plain as day.
  11. Maybe for another thread. What are the season projections for top 4 teams in 3 years? 9th 12th Campbell? 7-1 3-7 Highlands? 6-2. 8-2 ryle? 8-1 8-2 Beechwood? 9-0. 9-1 Not sure if this year’s wins and loses are accurate. Curios what the 3 year prediction looks like for everyone.
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