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  1. What happens if he for some reason he does not win that again. You would think he would be a clear cut favorite but does it look bad on him if he loses the title even after staying. Double edge sword. I assume he is staying just for football.
  2. I hope the reward is worth the risk.
  3. Wording maybe off but the youth program is not competitive. Playing each other over and over again is not competitive. Plus kids that get mad at NKYFL go there to get away from there programs they are slated to play for. Now if the retention was high on those kids then that helps some but we know that’s not the case. The high school can be on an up swing but it will take time. Programs are built from the base just like a house. If foundation is weak it shows in the ceiling first. I believe Repair work is in place but some are already painting a cracked foundation. Dix
  4. 6-4. Loses to BG,CCH,Dixie,Ryle. New coach has been here for 30 days and some of you are picking out rings. Highlands will get back to full competitive seasons but give the coach time to address his weaknesses. Also he needs to build the youth program back up. To date it’s struggling to keep kids and it’s not competitive yet. I hope for NKY sake the program gets back to the early days but just not yet.
  5. Congratulations to Aiden Jones on offer to EKU. Proves the future stays bright at Covcath.
  6. Did happen at Brossart right before Wiggins was given the job.
  7. Jackson Reardon played QB 8th Caleb Cole played MLB/FB Mason Dietz played G/DT Dillion Ryan played TB/LB From what I heard they struggled but was a month behind GCL in starting season
  8. Agee from Campbell? He played Safety and WR. Should have been the QB out there but for some reason they started Little. That’s a good transfer. What grade is the SK QB?
  9. Hearing a lot of rumors that the QB from SK is transferring to Covcath. Anyone have anything on the new transfer?
  10. 3 returning starting lineman with a ton of sophomores and juniors contributing this year. They will be loaded. 3 of the 4 linebackers returning 2 corners. They will be just fine
  11. I was way more impressed with BG defense than the offense. I feel as if Covcath beat themselves very bad However, BG wanted it way more and you could tell on the second INT where #14 caught the ball and the BG defender just took it like it was free. I know it’s early but next weeks game could be interesting. Good Luck Purples. Congratulations on making it to state.
  12. From those comparisons the battle looks to be somewhat even. Matchups seems even at least.
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