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  1. Jones seems to be the real deal, Lamb can stroke the 3 and Liggins is the like the energizer bunny and his intensity should fuel/rub off on these young players as the season progresses. All great things we are seeing early on in the season. The flip side is Miller disappears way too much during the game, Knight seems to feel the jitters a little bit when his shot isnt falling and doesnt have the explosiveness to get the to rim for some easy baskets to loosen him up, Vargas (at this stage) couldnt truly guard the best big man in eastern kentucky without fouling him on every play (luckily the refs chose to throw him a bone in this one) and the big one is we dont seem to have player who can post up with his back to the basket and get a clutch bucket.
  2. I dont believe many on here thinks it is. Just let us enjoy today and the next few weeks. Its real exciting for all of the Big Blue Nation to be able to actually enjoy the off season when Calipari is continually loading our rosters with the top talent.
  3. Bledsoe.................why shoot that 3?
  4. Georgia impresses me more than any other opponent UK has played. Great slashers, solid PG play and big men who can score with their backs to the goal. How does this team have 14 losses?
  5. I officially give up on Bledsoe, WHY does he feel he can take it to the rim every time?
  6. Which is why this game will come down to another last possession.
  7. Same statement, different game. I give up.
  8. Undercut Patterson and NO CALL!!! You've got to be kidding me.
  9. Game summary Georgia is owning the paint, rebounds and layups.
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