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  1. Let’s see if they can do it tonight, they sure didn’t last year!
  2. Belfry will be the best team Ashland has played this year, on the other hand Ashland will not be the best team Belfry has faced I’m excited to see how it plays out... I say Pirates 34-Ashland 20!
  3. No they are the favorite to win 3A this year! Ashland wants none of the Pirates, no different than last year!
  4. If I hear the word disciplined one more time from the color guy I'm gonna scream. He is trying way to hard lol
  5. 10 Central 7 CAL 5 Covington Catholic 3 Male 2 Beechwood 1 Johnson Central TB- 34
  6. I have no doubt that was the most physical game they have played this year.
  7. For sure, with out him Boyle would not be nowhere close to the team they are.
  8. If its anything like last week, I have no confidence in the officials. They wouldn't call a hold no matter what. Good luck to bothe teams and Go Pirates. I think Belfry has what it takes to hng with the Rebels. I hope what I am hearing about mixing some pieces up on the defense is correct.
  9. Not the running clock in the first half that Boyle Co. thought they were gonna get.
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