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  1. That's not necessarily true. Some people just fall through the cracks in the recruiting process. Adam Emmenecker of Drake, who was this year's Missouri Valley Conference Player of the year, was a former walk-on. And I know you say its Drake. But what was Drake? A 5 seed? Or look at football. Dallas Clark was a walk-on LB at Iowa. Now look at him. I play football in NAIA but I was at a D1 school originally. And I see kids all the time, at my school and at others, that could play D1 but weren't recruited by any big schools. I will tell you right now there are alot of kids at Gt
  2. Well I'm pretty sure that BCG is a lot smarter then any of us on this board. So if he feels that Landon is capable of playing at that level, then I would say more then like he is.... regardless of what some of the "experts" of this site may believe.
  3. From what I have read nobody has "bashed" Henderson. Why is that even necessary in this thread?
  4. He will accept a Preferred Walk-on offer from Billy Clyde. A good catch for the Cats. Congrats to Landon.
  5. Dead on assessment of the game. I could not agree more.
  6. Paintsville was also without Bundy for the Catholic game.
  7. Amen to that.. I saw him at the All-A against Paintsville and thought he was the 4th best player on the floor.
  8. So happy for Paintsville's kids. I have watched Slone since he was about 7 and he was has wanted a chance in Rupp for a VERY long time. Glad to see him and the rest of the Tigers represent the 15th well.
  9. I know that if neither gets picked up by an NBA team that the EKY Miners are going to try and get them both.
  10. I saw a stat on tv today that said UK is something like 80-5 on Senior Day. crazy.
  11. I watched Hopson at the All-A against Paintsville and he wasn't even the best player on his team (that game), let alone the best player on the floor. His teammate Edmonson , along with Slone and Grimm of Paintsville, all three impressed me more then he did. Grimm (maybe 6'2) went right at him the entire game and put up 29 I believe. I'd be very surprised to see him as Mr. Basketball.
  12. IMO after watching this game, i felt that Edmonson was the best player on their team. He hit big shot after big shot and won this game for them. Hopson doesn't have much of a jump shot, he missed several shots that were , for lack of a better term, bricks. He is extremely athletic and does handle the ball well for his size, and can be force on the defensive end. But I felt that he didn't dominate the post like someone his size should , especially playing a team like Paintsville who isn't a very big team. I'll go as far to say that in this game on this day he was the 4th best player on the co
  13. My question if anabolic steroids are illegal, why not go to the source? If they would just take care of the pharm. companies that distribute and produce the roids that would be a more simple solution then all these witch hunts. Which I realize in some cases witches are present.
  14. You don't think that he's been a different TO all year long? I certainly do..
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