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  1. Joe Chirico- Paintsville. Took over in 2013 when the program was in serious, serious trouble and legitimately could have folded. Now, they are a constant member of everyone’s 1A top 5 rankings. Johnson Central- Jim Matney. His record speaks for itself. He took over a sleeping giant and turned it into a consistent top 15 team regardless of Class.
  2. Pikeville has 4. Their fans have been gracious enough to remind me of that fact, several times.
  3. I certainly understand why you picked Pikeville, they are a complete team. Only advantage, if it even is an advantage, is that Pikeville hasn’t played a game since Belfry (9-20-19) that they have had to break a sweat in the 4th quarter. That is mainly because they are that good and partly due to weak competition/ no competition. (Jenkins cancelled their season).
  4. Want to take a moment to express my gratitude to Paintsville Head Coach Joe Chirico. He took over a program that was in a state of emergency. Numbers were way down and Paintsville was on the brink of potentially losing football. We were much closer to that outcome than playing for a state championship to say the least. Since his takeover, Paintsville has been a constant district, region, and even a state title contender just about every season. Incredible coaching job. Paintsville has a lot to be thankful for no matter what happens on Friday.
  5. From the 10,000 foot level it got the results it needed to get. However, seeding or “ranking” wise, I do not think 1A was correctly ranked. Paintsville and Pikeville should have been 1&2. They were 2&4.
  6. Not sure. I doubt it is required or they would have been there. Guy told me it is only required to notify dispatch that a game is scheduled.
  7. Grant Ray- Center. Injured it doing a chest bump after a TD. Just a freak accident.
  8. Nobody is going to be surprised if Pikeville wins. It will really come down to if Paintsville can control the LOS like they have the past 3 weeks. Their OLine play has been dominant. However, so has Pikeville’s defense. Paintsville has to play mistake free and then probably get some help from Pikeville to pull this one off. Never going to make excuses and this isn’t one, just stating the facts, Paintsville is banged up; but we are going to show up and leave it out on the field! Go Tigers.
  9. KCD has some nice players and #6 was as advertised. Paintsville however just simply dominated the trenches and rushed for over 450 yards. OLine created a surge all night and Paintsville did a good job of rotating ball carriers. It was nothing fancy and I think Paintsville ran but one offensive set the entire 2nd half. (Inverted bone). I want to congratulate KCD on a great season. Absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. I think they would in private concede that the better team won. I was disappointed that there wasn’t EMS at the game. Paintsville had a player suffer a nasty lower leg injury and it was a lengthy delay in the emergency response. Player injured is fine and back home recovering. On to that team from the South.
  10. With the way Paintsville normally travels I’m surprised they weren’t in Louisville on Monday, haha. Paintsville decided to leave at 11am Friday.
  11. OSU has a defensive front that just makes it so difficult for teams to put together long methodical drives. At some point they are going to get to the Qb and you are looking at 3&15. I think you have to have a couple of quick strikes to beat them. With that said I don’t think Michigan is equipped for that. I see a 24-13 game for OSU.
  12. Had the privilege of seeing Somerset in person. (not really a privilege because they did whatever they wanted against Paintsville in that scrimmage). They pass the eye test for sure. A team that has size, speed, and good coaching. In my opinion, BC just isn’t there yet but they have came a long way. Somerset 45 BC 20
  13. I know nothing about their opponent but I know a lot about JC. They are very physical and will not beat themselves. Seldom ever have holding calls and their QB is a leader and makes greats reads. They will be very difficult to beat at home. Good luck JC.
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