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  1. Playing schools from the opposite District in each region worked very well for years and provided some great diversity. There was no reason to go away from it that makes any sense from any aspect except trying to reduce expenses which is flawed. The cross district pairings were fun and drew good crowds.
  2. One of the few games I missed over 50+ years; I heard about the game while taking my daughter to Murray for a college visit listening to a Reds ballgame . Marty Brennaman gladly reported what was going on while St X fan Chris Welch was in disbelief.
  3. Good showing by the Bird's in this game; just not enough horses. Let's get ready for 2021 as the future is bright.
  4. Highlands was totally outmanned. Noon's passes hit a lot of receivers in the hands that were dropped. Footsteps? He played like a sophomore but then he is; future is bright.
  5. Was nice to see Joey Gatewood and Tisdale on the final series.
  6. Great punt return sets up another short TD pass. Birds lead 43-0 at end of 3Q.
  7. Beautiful pass from Noon for a touchdown. 36-0 Running clock with 6:30 left in 3rd Q
  8. Touchdown Birds point is good. 19-0 with 11 min to go in 2nd Q
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