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  1. Which kids really stood out during the spring scrimmage?
  2. Great to hear the encouraging reports. Already making plans to be in Bowling Green in August.
  3. Outstanding performance by the Highlands team; a total effort throughout.
  4. First Round Winners 1 Elizabethtown 1 Oldham County 1 Madison Central 1 Bowling Green 1 Paintsville 1 Ashland 1 Bullitt East 1 Highlands Second Round Winners 2 Elizabethtown 2 Madison Central 2 Ashland 2 Highlands Finalists 3 Madison Central 3 Highlands 2021 Sweet 16® State Champion 5 Highlands Tiebreaker (points in final game) - 150
  5. Bluebirds; it is Highlands year to make some basketball history. The 3's will reign and this team can play great defense.
  6. I only watched the 4th quarter and the OT but what a show put on by both teams. Congratulations Ashland!
  7. Really a great team effort to come back in the 2nd half. Every player contributed in the comeback. Here is hoping for a long run at in the Sweet 16.
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