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  1. It was really great to see Walker Wood get in the game at the end. Kentucky looked very good for most of the game. Good defensive effort. It was a treat to see the two schools cooperate with a halftime in which both bands played together.
  2. I think Highlands defense sets the tone in this one but I also believe the offense shows up and does some good things in this one. They have been suspect all year but this is put up or shut up time and they have a lot of motivation for this one. They shouldn't have lost the first one and they want another shot at Cov Cath. To get to that one they need this one. My big lament is that this will be in Hebron so no HHS Broadcasting.......
  3. I read in the Enquirer this morning that both Huddelston and Brass caught touchdown passes! Is that true? Did these "defensive" stalwarts actually play on offense?
  4. Conner did a great job of picking apart the Bird's defense last night by taking what the y were given. The Bird's offense looked really good on the one drive when they scored the field goal but even that drive was too predictable. They need a better balance between the run and the pass. They really miss Buten but Richter is showing great vision and effort for a sophomore . Congratulations to the Cougars.
  5. Home game means the game will be on HHS Broadcasting!
  6. Highlands defense was very good but the offense was too one dimensional. The o line simply did not sustain blocks and the attempts to run wide were painful to watch. The snaps from center are an adventure on every single play.
  7. What is the injury report on Buten?
  8. Birds offensive line failed to show up.
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