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  1. Good win for Highlands. Sophomores playing a big part. Noon should be starting.
  2. Noon looks a lot better at the QB slot. Congratulations to SK.
  3. Can anyone advise if the home games will be on You Tube again this year?
  4. Let the season start as now scheduled. Indiana opens their season this Friday. Take precautions sure but allow fans per social distancing guidelines. If a stadium will hold 3000 then allow 500 with tickets allotted to parents and students first but without restrictions on parents attending.
  5. It was really great to see Walker Wood get in the game at the end. Kentucky looked very good for most of the game. Good defensive effort. It was a treat to see the two schools cooperate with a halftime in which both bands played together.
  6. I think Highlands defense sets the tone in this one but I also believe the offense shows up and does some good things in this one. They have been suspect all year but this is put up or shut up time and they have a lot of motivation for this one. They shouldn't have lost the first one and they want another shot at Cov Cath. To get to that one they need this one. My big lament is that this will be in Hebron so no HHS Broadcasting.......
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