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  1. I’m from Mayfield, live in Hopkins County, coach at Madisonville, and have not applied for the Tilghman job. Wish whoever gets the job down there the best and thought Coach Smith, who is also from Mayfield, did a good job over there. Also that Coach Lovelace is one of the best in the business if he chooses to make that move!
  2. Madisonville - Marquise Parker - Campbellsville University
  3. Madisonville Jeriah Hightower - EKU Blake Moody - Murray State Jordan Vaughn - Thomas More Hayden Reynolds - Campbellsville
  4. DB Jeremy Clark - Madisonville Played Safety/Corner for Michigan and Drafted by the NY Jets DL/OLB Josiah Powell - Madisonville OLB for the Navy Midshipmen and currently serving his Country
  5. 8/23 at Union County 8/30 at Marshall County 9/6 vs Daviess County 9/13 at Christian County 9/20 vs. Ballard Memorial 9/27 vs. Logan County (District Game) 10/4 at Hopkins County Central (District Game) 10/11 vs. Hopkinsville (District Game) 10/18 at Calloway County (District Game) 10/25 Open 11/1 vs. Mayfield
  6. The Maroons succumbed to injuries and frustration to end a decent 2017 season. With a strong offseason of weights, plyos, possible schematic changes, and the character building that has continually been addressed I believe Madisonville will have a more successful season in 18. Emotions or not sometimes opinions are based on past experiences or beliefs instead of facts. Region 1 should be tough all the way around again!
  7. Madisonville returns a lot as well as most of District 1 and FS in District 2, there seems to be a lot of emotion from Macdon in the last two posts regarding the Maroons from a game where both teams came away not looking like choir boys, Big Congratulations to FS on the State Championship in 2017 and hopefully if the two are able to cross paths next season the game will be closer and with less emotion from both sides. Good luck to all teams this offseason in preparation for what should be a great 2018 Season!
  8. 1997 Murray scored on opening kickoff and that was the only TD scored during the game, only similar game was 2001 when Mayfield won 7-6 with a blocked extra point try in the 1st quarter of the game
  9. Drafted in the 6th Round at pick #197 by the NY Jets. Very proud of Jeremy and his accomplishments at Madisonville, Michigan, and now the NFL!
  10. Missed in 1999 after losing the Regional Final to Hancock County, 1997 was Murray 7-0 with opening kickoff returned and not a point scored again
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