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  1. Talent pool on Gemini has been untapped for over a decade. Truly a shame. John Edge is the man for the job.
  2. Agree 100% that this should be focused entirely on High School performance. There are countless examples of kids who have outstanding HS careers but just don't pan out in college for one reason or another. There are also plenty of examples of elite HS players who never have the opportunity to play big-time college football for various reasons. Taking post-HS accolades and achievements into consideration would really just muddy the water here and eliminate an objective conversation. That being said, I did include where each of the guys on my list ended up (or are going to end up) playing college ball for 3 reasons: 1.) To validify my reasoning above. 2.) It's always interesting to see the recruiting battles Kentucky & Louisville have lost with elite players from the state of KY. 3.) For my own recollection (please correct me if I'm off with any of these). Here's my list. Obviously a lot of room for discussion (especially at QB). OFFENSE QB - Elijah Sindelar, Caldwell County (2014) / College: Purdue RB - Damien Harris, Madison Southern (2014) / College: Alabama TE - Michael Mayer, Covington Catholic (2019) / College: Notre Dame WR - Nacarius Fant, Bowling Green (2013) / College: Western KY WR - Jake Johnson, Pulaski County (2016) / College: Georgetown WR - James Quick, Trinity (2012) / College: Lousiville OL - Jedrick Willis, Lafayette (2016) / College: Kentucky OL - Walker Parks, Fredrick Douglas (2019) / College: Clemson OL - Hunter Bivin, Apollo (2012) / College: Notre Dame OL - Landon Young, Lafayette (2016) / College: Kentucky OL - Drake Jackson, Woodford County (2016) / College: Kentucky DEFENSE LB - Kam Butler, Covington Catholic (2017) / College: Miami (OH) LB - Kash Daniel, Paintsville (2015) / College: Kentucky LB - Lamar Dawson, Boyle County (2010) / College: USC DL - Jason Hatcher, Trinity (2012) / College: Kentucky DL - Jacob Lacey, South Warren (2018) / College: Notre Dame DL - JJ Weaver, Moore (2018) / College: Kentucky DL - Matt Elam, John Hardin (2013) / College: Kentucky DB - Jeremy Clark, Madisonville (2012) / College: Michigan DB - Nate McCoy, Gallatin County (2013) / College: Union DB - D'Mauriae VanCleave, Danville (2017) / College: Wofford DB - Milton Wright, Louisville Christian (2018) / College: Purdue OTHER ATH - Kentavius Hopkins, Bourbon County (2012) / College: Eastern KY ATH - Wandale Robinson, Western Hills (2018) / College: Nebraska ATH - Jamale Carothers, Bowling Green (2016) / College: Navy PK - Miles Butler, Paducah Tilghman (2013) / College: Kentucky
  3. Have seen other states' HS football all-decade teams on social media and figured this would be a good place to get it started for the Bluegrass. Best Kentucky HS football players from 2010-2019. Any thoughts?
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