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  1. Man... some really big jobs are open, right now!
  2. Garrard will have Western Hills at Home on 9/6 & Will have McCreary Central at home on 10/4.
  3. This is true, no system will please EVERYONE... but, 90% of coaches who participated voted AGAINST playing within the district. That isn't everyone, but 9 or 10 coaches agreeing on something should be listened to. They did not have "wide variety of thoughts and opinions." This is just the usual, disingenuous deflection from KHSAA.
  4. Funny comment that this decision limits travel... The cross-bracketing they just did the last two years caused a lot of those travel issues. Just leave it alone or blow it up completely. Also, CalPreps is far superior to RPI, in my opinion.
  5. This is correct... Garrard is NOT open. Mods, please remove this thread.
  6. Belfry & Central... IIRC, there has only been one title game in the last 10 years that did NOT feature one of them (2017 Boyle vs. Corbin). Is that right?
  7. I don't have ANY inside info, but if I was Bourbon's admin - Justin Roe would have been offered the job as soon as Hodge resigned.
  8. Just give everyone June... NO SCHOOL ACTIVITIES, at all.
  9. There is an argument to be made that, in many cases, having a coach that long might not be a great thing.
  10. Cakewalk? They have to beat each other... And Garrard will be in that district. Garrard struggled and was only 4-8 last season, but they played a monster schedule. Rockcastle needed a dubious call on a last second catch to beat them last year. Bell will likely get rolling as Hilton works his program, but they didn't really beat any good teams, last season, either. Not saying Garrard wins that district year one, but I don't see any reason to think that Bell & Rock are in a position to assume Garrard will be an easy win in most years.
  11. Hey coach - what do you have on the upper part? Is that just indoor/outdoor carpet, kind of like the old "Astroturf?" Looks like the players are wearing cleats.
  12. They didn't have much to go along with him last year... Still did pretty well. They aren't going to beat the top teams, but if Robinson stays healthy, they can win 8 games.
  13. Speed & size are similar... I think Robinson has a more well-rounded skill-set than King. He is a really good receiver & runs well between the tackles.. Throws the ball well too.
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