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  1. So let's take a look at that Fayette Super position. If that is a publicly traded company with 5800 employees, working out of 50 facilities, and serving 40,000 clients each day, and gross receipts of $450,000,000, is the CEO (Superintendent) making $250k? Not a chance. So given the argument that most seem ok with what a CEO makes, would those same folks be ok paying a government employee with the same span of control similar salaries/ compensation packages? Not saying any answer is right or wrong. Just want to see how you feel about such compensation if they are footing the bill.
  2. Joker I get the point that your trying to make, and your point would be valid if not for one simple issue. Moseby has only been prosecutor for five months. The number of cases of alleged police misconduct that were settled in civil courts that she would have chosen not to prosecute would be few, and most likely none at all. I think you, Bash, and I all agree that her future relations w/ police are damaged. I would submit that her public comments, prior to, during the election, and since have served to set the tone for this problem. Her actions since have only served to seal the fate of that discord. Your point about a high number of allegations of abuse not being prosecuted is probably a big part of the reason Mosbey was elected. The losers in all of this will be the people of Baltimore. I read this morning that the number of homicides in the city for the month of May was adjusted down to 42, as one was deemed to have been a justified killing. Yes I said 42 murders in one month! On a side note. I have spent a little time in Baltimore and there is not enough money in the world to make me want to live there.
  3. I know that what you are saying is the standard answer when such a list is made but are you kidding! Venneman should be on the list before any and all of the receivers listed. One of the receivers listed as 1st team, Hughes, played quarterback the majority of his teams snaps this year. Nothing of his wide receiver production suggests All State recognition at that position. I know that kid is a really good player but he is not all state at WR or QB this year. Why attempt to defend such an obviously flawed process? Sometimes when we put together our best effort and then look back and see that the end product is a miserable failure (that's what this list is) we just have to scrap it. If I am a member of the AP and I know I have a faulty system I would object to proceeding with that system and discrediting the very organization that I represent. To defend the process in any way is to say that you are ok with it. I know of no 'professional' organization that would proceed in this manner. To the players listed, congratulations. It's a great honor to even be considered. Thanks for a great season.
  4. Have no idea what you were watching but there were no subs put in during the 4th quarter. None.
  5. You just came on to the Trinity Highlands thread to complain that people talk to much about Trinity and Highlands. You know you just did that,right. :no::no:
  6. It means UK will have plenty of options. They will return an experienced starter, a backup who saw some action, and a redshirt freshman that is highly thought of and has had a year to refine his skills and mature physically and as a QB. If the returning starter was successful roll on. If he was miserable move on. If results are mixed open up the competition and earn your coaching salary in making wise decisions. Towles currently has three years eligibility remaining.
  7. So for those of you against the use of SWAT as it has evolved to its current form I will give you a scenario and you are now the police officer. You have obtained a warrant for arrest and the search of Johnny's house. Johnny has sold weed to an informant three times in controlled buys. On one occasion Johnny had a revolver in his hand when he answered the door. He told the informant that he trusts nobody and that he is not getting robbed by some punk, and the cops are not sending him back to prison. Johnny has been arrested several times, mostly for drinking, fighting, and minor drug stuff. He did serve 18 months for a burglary and resisting arrest conviction. Johnny has been out for a year, has no job and spends his time drinking, fishing, and hunting. Johnny usually sells by the ounce and buys by the pound which he gets from two different sources. You don't know either source but Johnny claims his guys are real big wigs and not to be messed with. Today Johnny has told the informant that he can sell him two ounces after he re ups and told the informant he can drop in sometime after noontime. As you obtained the warrant another officer watched the house and saw a man arrive 10 minutes ago and carry a package inside. As far as you know Johnny and his visitor are the only people in the house. It's high noon (that's when warrants should be served right?) you and the other two officers that are working today are ready to go. You send the rookie around back to cover back door. You and the other officer are going to the front door. Are you ready? .........Are you ready? ........or should we wait and call SWAT?
  8. Interesting discussion for its own thread. Floyd would destroy Rhonda, as would a good number of BGP'ers.
  9. My guess is that you show up on a lot of lists. Often very near the top.
  10. You know I think you might be on to something. We could have all policemen work Monday through Friday. Say maybe they could come in to work around 9ish when the sun is up and it's daylight. Everybody home by 7:00, before darkness sets in, so they can be with their families. Maybe if the police could call ahead and make sure everybody is home so as to not waste time stopping by the house if the drug dealer isn't home. Think of all the taxpayer dollars that would be saved. Cops wouldn't be killing themselves at 10 times the national average. A lot less burnout when everybody gets to go home at night, spend time w/ family, sleep at night. Costs to hire and train new cops will go way down and we can use that money for more worthy causes. Your reality is not of this world.
  11. Please make this stop. This debate is based on information from an ACLU 'report'. That is in no way, shape, or form, a report. It's a story! It was written with a conclusion already determined and facts that supported that conclusion were inserted and surrounded by dramatic accounts of horrible outcomes. Had I turned in that 'report' to my high school English teacher I would have gotten no better than a C due to lack of effort to find balancing argument to at least compare. For a creative writing piece, this is A+ work. Look at the choice of language. What are 'military style weapons'? One account describes a 'grandfather' being shot as an example of a SWAT raid gone bad. I guess if ones mind is open to such suggestion one could conclude that the police were storming houses with tanks and firing them at little old men. Or could it be that that 'grandfather' is a 35year old man, just like the guy who lives two blocks down the street from me with his daughter (16) and grandson, (In an apartment that has a high probability of being the subject of a warrant based on what I see) and that the weapon used was a police issue handgun. And all this torment being thrust upon the public, as if the police were executing warrants upon the public at random, rather than directing those efforts against subjects of criminal wrongdoing, based upon probable cause, supported by sworn oath, and signed off upon by a judge.
  12. Gotta disagree here. You can do a lot of things in life for others. Playing high school football is not among them. Football, and particularly line play, is about the choice of out efforting ( I know that's not a real word) the guy(s) across from you. This is a conscious choice that you make maybe 100 or more separate times in a single game. You simply don't do that for someone else. Doing it for team, another person, etc... Simply will not work. YOU have to want to do that or there will be a let down. That letdown can, and likely will, lead to injury.
  13. 1. Reinstate Pete Rose 2. Denounce the use of banned substances, those who have used them, and teams that have ignored use of banned substances by players. Make harsh and lasting punishments for players and teams. 3. Speed up the game. Pitch timer on pitcher, hitter can ask for time out to step out of the box once per at bat. Limit of two throws to first per batter. 4. Revenue sharing formula 5. Salary cap with a hard ceiling for guaranteed money and allowances for incentives for team accomplishments. 6. Salary floor to avoid uncompetitive teams (the Marlin-Astro rule) 7. Tell LaRussa to shut up. Every time he cries to the media his team forfeits a game. Cardinals never would have been a .500 team with that rule. 8. Write down all of the" unwritten rules"
  14. Mass Maine Conn NY NJ Penn Maryland DC Virginia W Virginia N Carolina S Carolina Florida Georgia Alabama Louisiana Tenn KY Ohio Indiana Illinois Missouri Michigan Minnesota Texas Colorado Nevada Arizona California Canada Mexico Bahamas Caymans Jamaica Dominican Republic Costa Rica Ireland England France Germany Austria Chech Republic To do list includes Italy, Greece, Spain Reading that list makes me think.........had I invested the money I have spent on travel/ vacation????????
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