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  1. Thank you royals 101 – you answered the question. I’ve already admitted that Mason Co. had the best teams in 2008, 2009 & 2010 and obviously won the games on the floor. You admitted that for the last 43 of 46 years Mason Co. has enjoyed the home court advantage by playing the regional games at the fieldhouse. Now, all Mason Co. officials have to do is what the non-Mason Co. folks have suggested through-out this post. Eliminate as much of the ‘home court advantage’ as you can, and it will be a near-perfect tournament. However, to be fair, when it is other teams years to host, they will host at their venue – and I’m sure they will do everything they can to eliminate their ‘home court advantage’.
  2. I never said the best team didn't win. So do you acknowledge such a concept of a home court advantage or not? By the way, I already said no home court advantage in 2009 at BOK. I'm not familiar with 2009 at Mont. Co. But there definately was a home court advantage at 2010 at Mason. Do you disagree?
  3. I, like others, am surprised that Mason Cty fans keep getting on this site and all they seem to say is that they won the games. As far as I can tell, everyone recognizes that Mason Cty won the games. What people are saying is that for 43 of the past 46 years, Mason Cty has enjoyed the ‘home court advantage’. I would like some Mason Cty fans to get on this site and admit that a ‘home court advantage’ does exist. Every sports fan and expert I know recognizes and acknowledges that there is such a thing as a ‘home court advantage’. Heck, even Vegas odds makers acknowledge it. What bench you sit on, where fans sit, what locker room you use are all small things that contribute to the ‘home court advantage’. What non Mason Cty fans want is for Mason officials who run the tournament to eliminate as much of the ‘home court advantage’ as they can – so the tournament is as fair as it can be. I would assume that most Mason Cty fans would want the same. No offense to Mason Cty, but even if they took care of every issue being raised here, there still would be a ‘home court advantage’ for the Mason Cty team. They don’t have to travel; they get to use their home gym, with lighting, background, size of floor, and etc. all to their liking. Obviously, nothing can be done about all of those factors, but what Mason Cty officials can change, and all of them are reasonable, they should change. On a side note, when the tournament was held at BOK, there was no ‘home court advantage’ for any team, because even though Campbell County was hosting, it wasn’t their home court. No team was used to playing on the BOK floor – thus no advantage. That is why this tournament should be rotated – no one should be allowed to have a ‘home court advantage’ 43 out of 46 years!
  4. Yes - Eric Rieger is a Freshman going to play JV when he gets healthy. Eric is currently experiencing some shoulder problems but hopes to be back on the court in the next few weeks.
  5. I totally agree with everything Jim is saying. Also, this makes what a Walton-Verona or Brossart has done even more impressive. A lot of the support of the 'traditional' powers comes from past players and at Walton & Brossart that support obviously isn't available. Trust me when I say, getting that community support, especially in the first couple of years when you are losing embarassingly, is very difficult - but I totally agree with Jim that it is necessary for a successful program. Another quick point. There have been a lot written on the 'classless blowouts'. Every time this happens, the winning team has people come on BGPs and say that if the losing team 'worked harder' they wouldn't have gotten blown out. Every time I read this it turns my stomach because I think the poster is saying that the winning teams players are working hard on the field then the losing teams players. However, I'm pretty sure that the losing team's players, in almost every instance, is working just as hard on the field as the winning teams players. Do most posters believe that the winning teams players worked harder?
  6. I would have never commented about the stands, but someone asked so I'll comment. In my opinion, Frankfort is not a very nice place to watch a high school football game (especially the visitors side). There are way to few stands and they are not high enough to really see over the players. Along the fence line, more towards the end zones, wouldn't be bad, but a lot of Frankfort people were standing there - really no room for Brossart folks. Also the constant cars driving up and down that little driveway behind the stands - that's dangerous for the little kids running around playing. The hardest thing to take was that the main bleachers (Frankfort's side) was more than half empty. Why we weren't 'permitted' to sit on that side is beyond me? However, having said all of that, since Brossart has no home field, or practice field for that matter - we would gladly trade Frankfort in a heart-beat.
  7. Below is the KHSAA mission statement - straight from their website. MISSION STATEMENT The KHSAA shall establish, promote and deliver interscholastic athletic programs and activities with an emphasizes on participation, safety, sportsmanship and integrity to enhance the educational experience of the student-athlete. If your attempting to meet this mission statement, then I don't see how eliminating playoff games achieves that goal. The problem is that most everyone on BGP's have the goal of seeing competitive football games. If you want to see competitive football games, then eliminate playoff games. I also think that six classes in KY is to much. However, if your goal is to emphasize participation, especially participation in 'playoffs', then six classes achieves that goal. This is simply a problem where different groups have different goals (one participation and education of student athletes and another of fans wanting competitive games to watch). Folks, my son graduated from Brossart last year. There is no way Brossart stood a chance of winning the state championship. Last year Brossart won one district game and that win, late in the year, qualified them for the playoffs. For my son there are so many lessons and memories from both the one district win and the playoff game (a loss to a # 1 seed), I can't imagine why anyone would want to take that away from a teenager. Just a thought.
  8. By the way, congratulations to both Frankfort & WV for first round playoff wins. I've been to every Brossart game this year (and in years past), including the Walton game. I've seen Walton twice this year. I was at Frankfort on Friday night (and at Frankfort last year for Brossart's playoff game). Frankfort is quick. Walton will need to do a much better job of tackling then Brossart did and limit (notice I didn't say stop but limit) the big plays. I did think Brossart had modest (very modest) success on offensive when they simply ran the power runs (tight-end and fullback both blocking). If Walton can tackle and limit the big plays (which I'm not really sure they do very well) and control the ball and the clock by running a power running game (which I'm confident Walton can do), I think this will be a close game. In the end, I think Frankfort will win - but I think it will be close. One more thing, it does appear that Frankfort gets quite a few costly penalties (so that could be to WV's advantage). Because Brossart and Walton's programs are new, my heart is with Walton. Go Bearcats. I think the stadium is on either Benson Street or Kentucky Avenue and I think the name of the Stadium is something like Sower Field. I did a google map and the direction were spot on (although we went down I-71 to US 127 south and I think this is a much quicker way to get there. US 127 isn't a bad drive.
  9. "Has the rights to" seems a bit strong for me. Technically, Brossart's feeder schools are St. Joe (Cold Spring), St. Mary, St. Phillip, St. Peter & Paul and St. Joe (Camp Springs). The 'retain their own feeder school kids' refers to the fact that a lot of kids that go to those feeder schools end up going to other high schools (NCC, Campbell County, CovCath, Highlands and even some to St. X in Cincy). A typical class at St. Joe (Cold Spring) would only send 50% or less of its graduating class to Brossart. I have to say that in some past posts on BGP, people have said things like Brossart recruits\draws kids from all over Campbell County, but the reality is, if Brossart could keep all or most of its feeder school kids they would be very happy. Oh no, now I'm going to get all kinds of negative feedback saying I'm whining and complaining - but I'm not - just stating facts. It is what it is.
  10. They should definately look into NKU - heck the Athletic Director at NKU has had kids graduate from Highlands. It's a great facility and I know they've already let high schools use the field - Brossart has played a soccer game there already.
  11. Last post for me. 1) I never said ONLY Brossart people paid for Campbell County High School. However, I will say that 99.9% of past and present Brossart students live in Campbell County and they pay CC taxes (just like CC students). So my point is correct that our (Brossart students and parents) tax dollars help build CC High School and the current stadium. 2) I understand that CCHS has to do what's best for those students that go there. However, I don't understand how building a new stadium is best for CC students. I just read in the newspaper where test scores in almost every CC public school (high school and lower) dropped (excluding Highlands). How is spending millions on a new stadium best for the students? Fishhead is correct, pay a lot less for artificial turf and forget about the new stadium. Heck, don't do anything except spend the money to better educate the CC students. 3) Finally, you are correct that my 'complaining' about Brossart not using the stadium was petty - I'm big enough to admit it. But wasting millions of dollars to build a new stadium when test scores are going south is not petty. Spend the money (a portion of which is my hard earned tax dollars) to better educate the students. You don't need a new stadium. No more posts from me.
  12. No, Brossart knew we didn't have a field to play on. I guess we just assumed that since our tax dollars went to build EVERYTHING you have, that you might be willing to let us pay a reasonable fee to play on YOUR field. How about we reverse the situation and your tax dollars pay for a new Brossart stadium that CC doesn't get to use. I'm sure if that happened we would never hear a CC complaint.
  13. Newport charges a reasonable amount. Campbell County wanted an arm and BOTH legs.
  14. Based on the scores of this game the last few years - tigers by 35 is close.
  15. Maybe if they get a new stadium they will let Brossart play on the middle school field. Sure would be nice to let us Campbell Co. tax-paying residents to use something our own money paid for. By the way, kudos for Newport for allowing NCC and Brossart to 'use' their facilities - but it kills me every week to drive right past an empty CC stadium, only to drive to Newport. I'm sorry but I had to get that one off my chest. Obviously a sore subject for me! I wish CC no ill will and hope they get a new stadium to play in - I just wish they were a little more willing to share what they have - even an 'old' stadium.
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