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  1. Calling a timeout and telling your team not to press or fastbreak. And run your offensive sets four or five times before shooting wouldn't hurt. You don't tell your team not to score. Just run your offense some before shooting. Plus it could only help your team. Beating a team by 50 can't always be helped. But 100-30. A few set plays sure could have been run in this game. (No need to mention schools)
  2. Fairview had a great season. Pikeville is the better team of the two. Pikeville got surprised by how physical the eagles are. And for about two quarters the panthers were back on their heels. After some adjustments the panthers were fine. In a one game series anything can happen. Pikeville will be great reps for our region win or lose friday. Fairview did a very good job of representing our district. The eagles fought till the end! Now I can't wait till next year to ruffle some eagle feathers!
  3. Fairview has a very good team. But most respect Pikeville with the way they play the game. All the way from fan support to players! It's hard for me to explain. I for one would love to pull for the eagles. But by their actions from fans to coaches and players. I can't. I root for every team in our area except the eagles. Wish I could because they are a very good team. If they win I hope they represent out district and northeastern Kentucky with respect and honor. Just don't think they do that by their actions on the field and in the stands. jmo! The Pikeville Panthers are equally as talented and maybe a better team. Any I think they would represent our region with great respect.
  4. If you don't think this game is going to be a great game to watch. Check this out. The last game was played at Pikeville in temps. we may shouldn't have played in. jmo. Very HOT and muggy Last game score 20-21. Based on the last five games. Records: Pikeville 5-0 Raceland 4-1 Opp Rec: Pikeville 20-34 Raceland 30-25 Points PG: Pikeville 54.0 Raceland 41.6 Def. ppg: Pikeville 12.8 Raceland 16.4 Common opp. Pikeville vs South Floyd 49-22, Raceland Vs South Floyd 77-28 -------------Pikeville vs Paintsville 62-8, Raceland vs Paintsville 47-0. Avg margin of victory the two games Pikeville 40.5 Raceland 48.0 Gotta feeling this is going to be a shoot-out. Looks like both defenses have played well the last five games. The Rams gave up 25 to Fairview. But all of those were not given up by the defense. I look to see a high scoring game. With whoever wins the turnover stat winning the game. I think the RAMS will win the turnover battle and win by 6+.
  5. 77 points is a lot. But we didn't come close to playing a great game. To many mistakes on offense and especially on defense. Need to tackle better and someone needs to cover these deep threats. Pikeville has a better QB and he will hit those wide open receivers when he's running for his life. All of the running backs ran hard. And maybe as a group played the best game of the season. Overall a great win. Go RAMS! Bet it's not 100 degrees on the field in Pikeville next week!
  6. :banana: Sounds like a great idea O.R.!
  7. Sorry about that. They played a nine game schedule. 3-6 is the record. I just had the six turned up the wrong way.
  8. On paper Russell's defense is alot better. Western Hills gives up over 36 ppg. While the devils defense is giving up only 18.5. Both offenses are averaging about the same. 25 ppg. Russell is playing at home I believe. I'm going to take the DEVILS in this one.
  9. South Floyd's record is 3-9. They have lost the last five of six games. Common opponents. One. Lost to Pikeville 22-49 two weeks ago The defense is giving up about 37 per game. And the offense scores about 27 per game.
  10. Thats what fans do when they lose. Look back and play the what if game. Easy to blame the coach. Not looking at the talent of kids coming through the system. A proven winner just doesn't forget how to coach after years of success. It's talent my friends. Just not enough of it now in devil land. Sure the coach would love to put a kid or two at running back or QB. But needs him more at other positions. We have a running back that is doing a great job in the backfield this year. But last year he was needed more on the line.
  11. McGlone and the Russell red devils 2007 thru 2011. Dist rec. 19-4 Reg rec. 22-6 Things could be alot worse!
  12. A coach is as good the players. And the players can be as good as he can be if he's taught right. It's my opinion that Mr. coach McGlone just hasn't had the talent that used to be at Russell year in year out. You can see it in the younger ranks. But he some how takes these good but not great teams sometimes deep into the playoffs. Things could be alot worse in devil land. jmo
  13. Lets see. Belfry beat Ashland. Ashland beats Johnson C. And now Johnson C beats Belfry. Ya gotta love it! Congrats JC.
  14. Na! But it was live on iHigh! You can also see other games from this season.
  15. In the grid game two of our best players didn't dress. IMO our best runningback and defensive back. And our maybe fastest and best receiver/D-back/runningback. This surly would have made a big difference in that game. I bet the RAMS hate to lose just as bad. But I think I know what you are trying to say. Should be a great game. No doubt we will have to go out and play our best to beat the devils. And I for one believe it will happen. RAMS +8. I think the coaching staff seen a few things last week that they liked and will use this friday night.
  16. Ramcat77 I think this is why this site exist. It's to express your opinion. But I believe the reason they got the ball in the hands of the three star backs alot more was the fact they had some very long drives. Getting 2, 3 and 5 yards a carry. That can mount up to a lot of plays. We are more of a wide open team. We had a lot of three and out. And our star back went out in the second quarter. He's the one that had some very nice long gaines in the first quarter. Plus our line wasn't opening up holes in the middle. There I go again making excuses. MAN!!
  17. How do you get out coached when you have the perfect defense set up and the running back in dead in his tracks. Wrapped up in orange three yards in the backfield. Then a kid with so much fight and determination fights through all those trying to bring him down and scores on long runs. Is it getting out coached? Or is it that the running back simply wanted it a little more on that play. Littlejohn broke the backs of the RAMs with his fight to score. The coaches on both sides did a great job of coaching. Was it the coaches fault they had the perfect play called on two pass plays and one was dropped in the endzone and the other miss judged. Was that the coaches fault for the dropped passes?
  18. Congrats to all of the FAIRVIEW EAGLES. Very good team that hits hard. Plays hard and very aggressive. Thought our defense looked very good. The last five minutes of the game the offense put the defense in almost impossible situations. Good teams will do that to you. You can't drop passes in the endzone. Get the ball inside the thirty a few times and not score. It will come back and bite you. We kept the eagle offense in check for the most part. Littlejohn is the man. Very impressive player. We had him wrapped up in the backfield a couple times and he broke all the tackles and run for td's. Hopefully we can meet again!
  19. Haven't checked it out yet. Don't know if I really need to. With what I have read on here it must be really bad. And for that I apologize for all who it offended. Don't know who did it. Don't really want to know. But I will find out through friends. I know the coaching staff and school adm will handle this the right way know matter who it was.
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