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  1. Congrats to Cooper on their trip to regionals. Does anyone know when the last time Conner made the trip?
  2. This year? Conner has been struggling for several years.
  3. Looks like the Cougars are picking up where they left off last year.
  4. This game should get ugly in a hurry. Conner doesn't have the talent they had last year when they still lost to Dixie. The players Conner does return have limited varsity experience. To top it off, Dixie probably knows their plays. Even without Pike on the floor, I am thinking Dixie wins by around 15 points and gets to use its bench quite a bit. I like Byrns and Hemmerich for Conner and I have heard they were playing well over the summer. Who broke their hand? Byrns? I think the Dixie guards will dominate this game. No answer for Hatton.
  5. "All Time Best" Pac is the undisputed king of rap for all time. Shady is a very close second Eazy E Weezy Dre B I G Fifty Jay Z LL Cool J ODB
  6. I remember seeing the Hedger kid play for Turkeyfoot and I was not overly impressed. I did however see him play over the summer with his AAU team and if I am not mistaken, he may have dropped 20+ on an Indiana team. There was a huge improvement over a short period in time.
  7. Is one of them named Hedger? He played for Turkeyfoot last year, I am assuming he would be at Dixie this year. I saw him playing at the bearcat classic over the summer and he looked really good in the post. He was about 6'3" then.
  8. Interesting representation by both sides. Who selects the players?
  9. For maybe only a year. Their freshman class has some pretty big boys coming up.
  10. Congrats to Bobby. This kid was one heck of a high school player and as hard as he works he will be a very good college player as well. He was very fun to watch.
  11. Some NCAA certified events do not allow unsigned seniors either. KY Hoopfest is one that does not.
  12. I agree with you 4PP. At the end of the season, Hodges wasn't even one of the top 3 on that Conner team. I am a Hodges fan, but given the level of production throughout the year, this spot should have went elsewhere.
  13. What is the most players ever from one school to make this team? Eastern has 4 this year.
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