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  1. Great to see McGovney scoring more in the last few games. Wilson should always get his but in order for the Camels to make a run, McGovney has to score. His leadership is off the charts and that can get a team moving in the right direction but his scoring will help them for districts and regionals.
  2. Not sure why this is a bash session on the 10th region but doesn't seem like it has anything to do with this thread. Has the 9th been better representing at State the last decade? Yes they have, but that cannot be said for previous decades. Mason has had some of the best teams to ever play high school ball in the State of Kentucky. I don't think any of these schools have much of a choice in which Region they are placed in.
  3. Please stop with this nonsense. Unless Campbell and Holy Cross played then no one would know. Which ever team wins, it wouldn't be a blow out.
  4. Wow! Kid has one bad shooting night and some of you want to take him to the woodshed. If it's Bulletin-Board material Ben needs then you guys are giving him plenty.
  5. This is laughable! You should change those glasses from CovCath sunglasses to prescription. I don't know many men as talented as Ben who could handle having an extra 100lbs on their back all game. If you didn't see that then what game were you watching. If the refs allow it, then keep doing it though. Not blaming CovCath for a good game plan but the refs needed to handle it a little better. An off night shooting doesn't mean he didn't show up to play and for you to say that....well I will stop there. Hopefully these two meet again in Regionals. NCC has to get this CovCath/ BBT arena monkey off their back sometime.
  6. Trent McGovney, Campbell County. This guy has some of the best leadership qualities I have ever seen in a young man. He leads by example and his attitude. He has carried himself this way since middle school. Fortune 500 company, Governor, President, he has those types of leadership qualities.
  7. Weyer is leaving little doubt that he is the best player in NKY. I would think he should be in consideration for Mr. Basketball. Great game by all the Breds tonight. Their ball pressure is relentless. Moeves, Anderson's and Hall with great games tonight as well. Hall has really been playing well the last few games.
  8. This from the prediction thread, "Cooper wins this one easy". Haha! Hope he is predicting a Steelers win on Saturday as well.
  9. Wow! Talk about a lack of respect. The least you can do is spell his name right.
  10. I hung up my whistle along time ago partner. I have been around NKY soccer for years but I don't know why that means I should have known about a website. I only questioned your statement about up and coming young talent and their success. I don't understand why you came back and attacked me. Well I can see why people said this site was crazy. I guess I should have gone another 50 years without knowing what BGP was. Good luck to both teams tomorrow night.
  11. Been told for months about the quality conversations that appear on this site, couldn't resist to check it out and low and behold the the lightning rod that is HHS Girls Soccer is the main topic of conversation. Been around NKY high school soccer for quite some time and cannot believe some of the stuff that I have read on here after going back over a year. So I have decided to jump in the deep end. So I am interested in your quote "hype has always been". Since when? Last year? Since the back to back State Titles that HHS won I have never heard about all their young talent until last year. They do have young talent from what I have seen this season. They are better than last years team and that is no knock on the players that were there then. After watching them play a few times this year it is obvious. Glad to see that you have done some research on Rivers. Awesome talent and girl has a bright future at UofL. I didn't know anyone was comparing Meyer to Rivers. I would have never expected a Boone County fan to know so much about Rivers but who am I to question that. After looking back at their schedule I can see Jack's point on having Bellevue and Dayton on the schedule but 1 question, aren't they in their district? They have to play them, they had no choice. For you to put Conner in that list of 3 is just not right. I believe Conner did get a win against a decent Ryle team in their District tourney and they need to be given a little more credit than being grouped in with Bellevue and Dayton. 15 wins is pretty impressive. Sure there are some losses on there that have me scratching my head like St.Henry and CCHS. Not disrespecting those teams because they are good teams but just thought HHS was better than them. The rest of their losses are nothing to hang their head about. Looking at 2014 and 2015 schedules I am impressed with their record and the competition they played. This team is on the rise and I will give credit to the players and the coaching staff for a great season.
  12. How about the job done by the starting pitcher for the Birds? I think he had some pretty impressive stats.
  13. Congrats to the Royals. Good look the rest of the way. Thank you Camels for providing us with a great season. Very proud of you boys. With Russell's coaching and your guys heart you have made basketball exciting again in Campbell County.
  14. This one should be interesting. Camels lose by two in first meeting at Campbell County with a 3 that missed at the buzzer. Mason is at full health but the Camels are playing well even with the loss to Scott in the district finals. Only saw Mason play once and that was the Campbell game so I can't state what their keys to winning are but I will tell you what I think the Camels keys are. Camels will need to play tough defense all 4qrts. I think their press can cause problems for Mason if played at full intensity. Offensively I think it comes down to the Nate and Nate show. If Losey gets hot from outside the arch for 20 points or more and McGovney can produce at least 15, the Camels can pull this one out. I dont like to single out players but the rest of Camels all contribute in their own way and are just as important but this is just what is key in my eyes.
  15. Its amazing to see how much one player can change a game for both teams. Smith explodes in the second half and wasn't much of a factor in the 1st. Could have been the reason that Scott was down by so much, plus the Camels played excellent defense and rebounded well. Then you have McGovney in foul trouble in the 3rd and had to go to the bench. Thats when Scott puts together their lead. McGovney fouls out in the 4th minute of overtime but Camels manage to hang. If any one of Camels 5 starters get in foul trouble it hurts. McGovney is one of the better offense players on this team but his defense is where its at and thats what was missing when he was out of the game. This Camels team is exactly that "a team". Very proud of the job Aric Russell has done this year as a first year coach at a demanding program. I though the Camels looked tired on defense towards the end of the 3rd quarter and the 4th. Too many uncontested shots from Scott. My opinion is I would like to draw Mason first round. Great game at Campbell County earlier in the season between the two when the Royals won on a last few seconds shot. Bring on the rematch, it would be a good one.
  16. Scott wins in overtime 62-60. Scott scores with 4 seconds left. Way to fight Camels. So proud of you guys. Contests to Scott.
  17. 59-58. Campbell County up with 1:40 left. McGovney fouled out at the 4min mark.
  18. 56-56 with 19.6 left. Scott has the ball. Next update will be the final.
  19. 37-36 at the end of the third. 3 pointers falling like rain for Smith in the 3rd. McGovney picked up his 3rd foul early in the quarter.
  20. Goldie do you know if Mason will be broadcasting all the region games at the Fieldhouse?
  21. At the end of the first half Campbell County is up 29-16 over Scott. Camels defense and rebounding are the reason they are up. Should be a good second half.
  22. Sounds like somebody is embarrassed of their school???? This thread is just a discussion on the topic of Coach L and "The Email". Those envolved with Cov Cath are not the only ones who know of Coach L. He is from Campbell County and is well respected here as well. If you don't like the discussion you can always remove yourself from the topic.
  23. Thought this game would be a little closer. Good game camels!
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