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  1. Miserable in football recently?? Really?? Over the last ten years they are 72 and 34, including 4 HCAC league championships and 5 trips to the NCAA playoffs. Just last season they had a player from Louisville lead the Nation (All Divisions) in rushing. So could you elaborate on miserable?
  2. They also messed up the Simon Kenton/ Beechwood headline...stating that Beechwood is 2A and not 1A.
  3. Yes, Dave Campbell is the new Vice Principal at Woodland middle. I also heard that Dan Woolly is the new head coach.
  4. I feel you are sadly mistaken. Indian Hill was never a division two team in Ohio. The highest they have ever been in division 3. Yes they did have the biggest enrollment for the schools in thier league, but before Siple got there, Indian Hill stuggled to get players to come out for the team. Over time he built the program at IH into what it is today, Kevin is a good coach and will be successful with time at Grant or Bracken.
  5. 2012 Schedule Week 1 Middletown Christian H Week 2 @ Bracken County Week 3 @ Dayton Week 4 Pendelton County Week 5 NCC Week 6 @ Lloyd Week 7 @ Newport Week 8 Holy Cross Week 9 @ Walton Verona Week 10 Scott
  6. Believe it or not, Boone had to work for their yards and scores. What was an obvious mismatch on paper was not so evident. Dont get me wrong. Boone controled the scrimmage, but they had to drive the ball for 2 of their scores, had a fumble return and a long run against Mustang JVs.
  7. I caught a few minutes of Brossarts practice last week. There were some new faces there. I don't know their names yet but it looks like some changes were made. It looks like on offense they had 3 running backs in the backfield, running what looked like a wishbone and on defense it looked like a 62 or a 44 look. Looks like some major changes were made....hopefully this helps, especially with Brossart playing in 2A this year.
  8. That year CCH lost 3 of their first 4. The teams they lost to were Boone, Moeller, Beechwood, and Conner. The team they beat of the first four was Newport. After the Conner loss, they didn't lose the rest of the season. The Boone loss was a blowout, the Moeller and Conner losses were close, and the Beechwood loss wasn't that close. That team came together after the Conner loss and became pretty good down the stretch when it counted
  9. Campbell has received over 40 applications. I know one application was from Texas and one was from a former head coach at Madison Central who has ties to NKY.
  10. the language, not at anytime was there any penalties because of language.
  11. The holmes running backs 90-91-92 was James Hayes not Chris,Chris only played in one game it was the openning game vs. Campbell co. and he messed up he's knee (acl) and never played again the runningback that followed Hayes in the 93 season was James Able.Both backs were great backs.Fred Conrad,Aubry Lucky and Davis were the backs form 94-96. This was the McCarthey era when Holmes was at its best in football. These team also prodused two head Coaches Jeff marksberry at S.K. and Matt Reinhart at Brossart.
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