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  1. I believe they also get a stipend for laundry and other noncovered expenses that is in the hundreds of dollars monthly. If you are low income you could potentially have all expenses paid plus $500/month year round and $5500 Pell grant. So basically a fully scholarship plus $10000+ not bad.
  2. That was really cool. It puts much more of a personal touch to the players as opposed to " the other team"
  3. I know there is some increased revenue by clearing, but what other reason is there? Are they worried there might not be enough seat? Are the seats assigned? They could just make it general admission and there would be plenty of room because obviously not many would stay for all the games. It would also make a bigger crowd for the kids to play in front of and increased concessions. The facilities are set unto handle 20000+ fans for college games. It should be able to handle that for high school.
  4. No worries sometimes written statements don't come out as intended.
  5. "Koz is a great coach. and I think it could be his, but for whatever reason I never got the vibe that he wants to climb any ladders? I don't know him so I could be wrong but I always assumed he was just having fun and teaching the game in his retirement. Not a knock on him, just didn't know if his goal was high pressure big program. After beating NCC he can stay at HC for the next 5 years with no pressure because of what he did this year and previous." I am not sure why wanting to stay at a small school and growing the program would preclude someone from COY. I do not think you have to have aspirations to try to go to a bigger program. Isn't being a good coach getting the most out of your players and the talent available and doing your best to make improvements? Just my two cents. After this weekend I think definitely in the hunt if not moving towards a frontrunner.
  6. What was the attendance? Do they clear the stadium between games? Unfortunately I had to work and couldn't go.
  7. Good luck hc in the finals. The trip is bittersweet for me. It is the first year in a long time one of my brothers is not on the team.
  8. I think grouping all fans with a small group of misbehaving people is not right. Most Holy Cross fans that I know are good people who respect other teams and are excited to be in the finals for the first time. As you can pick up just from reading posts on here there were many people there just watching the game and maybe cheering for HC because they are local, but not "Holy Cross fans" per se. Maybe it was them, maybe it was random people who knows but stereotyping an entire fan base that you obviously don't know in inappropriate. It would be like saying all people from Somerset commit personal fouls or try to take out players from other teams. Once again a few do not represent the whole.
  9. I want to say this may be their 12 th year. The one significant fact is that these are some of the first kids to go all the way through the junior high and high school program. When the program began most of the players were playing for the first time as freshman. These kids had a couple of years under their belt when they started as freshman.
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