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  1. Didn't Rodney Bushong lead Heath to their only state championship in the late 80s or early 90s or am I mistaken?
  2. I believe Dixie Heights would have had a very good chance of winning the 5A state championship had they been 5A this year. That is not intended to take away from the Pulaski's championship this year--great year for that team and they won it on the field which is all that counts. I just realized that next year's 5A will have 5 of this year's state finalists from this year (Dixie Heights, Graves, Pulaski, Highlands and Owenboro) and two districts with two state finalists (Graves and Owensboro in the first districts and Highlands and Dixie in the fifth district). 5A, 3A (with additions of LexCath and Boyle) and west half of 2A will be rugged next year. I expect Beechwood to own (win 50% or more of state championships with a 4 year sweep not unlikely) in the new 1A alignment.
  3. I realize facts can be optional but wouldn't UK also be Co-Champions with them under the "whose better based on head-to-head theory" because it also beat both of those teams that season (in addition to losing to each of them that year).
  4. ....with 3 to 4 times more boys in their school than Highlands
  5. That's true. I should have identified that was just a general pot stir comment (a "ttt with a :sssh:" probably would have sufficed) and not a BW fan comment. That being said, I have great respect for both BW and MF programs and their traditions of success. Good luck to both teams this season. Can't ever close the book on either of these teams until somebody knocks beats them late in the playoffs.
  6. It appears that rumors of the birds demise were greatly exaggerated
  7. Birds had ball inside cch 10 3 times where they cane away with no points.
  8. Schneider and Jack Morris both very successful coaches and their records prove that out. One interesting similarity is that they both benefitted from a substantially larger base of actual and potential football talent that did not bump their school up to a larger school competitve class. Schneider essentially had all of the Campbell County Catholic football talent but not the numbers counting against him because a sizable amount of the nonfootball students in the central and especially southern end of county would have attended Brossart. Would the perception of Newport Central Catholic be different if the name of the school was Campbell County Catholic which more accurately reflected its football team during the Schneider era as I expect that the vast majority of the football talent over that time was from the rest of the county (Ft. Thomas, Highland Heights, Southgate, Cold Spring, Alexandria, etc. and not Newport). Similarly, Morris coached at Mayfield at a time when the Graves County school system was not consolidated and consisted of 7 or 8 small schools none of which fielded a football team so if you lived in Graves County and wanted to play football Mayfield was the only game in town (er, the county). So it similarly was able to pull football talent from a 6A size talent pool base while being able to play primarily in the smallest (or occasionally, next to smallest) class. Again, both successful coaches and nothing improper about taking advantage of the beneficial circumstances applicable to their situation but both enjoyed meaningful competitive advantages that contributed significantly to their success. And because tradition and legacy of players (sons, grandsons and other family members) is so much more important in football than most sports because of the need for both elite talent and numbers the advantage built over that earlier period has helped sustain continuing success in both those programs. Perhaps some other coaches listed above have enjoyed this type or similar advantages (other discussions on BGP over the years have referenced drawing talent from other nearby states or other areas not part of the school district ) and as also discussed on BGP and other message boards over the years ad nauseum probably most of the coaches have enjoyed some type of competitive advantage (private school, exceptional community support, etc.) that have been an important contributing factor in their success but that does not diminish the accomplishments of any of them but does perhaps add some helpful perspective.
  9. Great race. Congrats to John-Michael Griffith and the the Highlands Bluebirds on a great race and on the state championship.
  10. Congratulations to Jackson and UD! Great addition to UD football team and nice for him and his family to see him join his brother Will there.
  11. Congrats to JM on first team honors and (belatedly) on his scholarship to NKU! Good luck to him and the Norse.
  12. Coach Weinrich is the co-head coach of the team. So, if the other co-head coach stepped down wouldn't that automatically make him the head coach without further action being necessary?
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