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  1. Won't lie, as a kid, I struggled with holes. Have trouble telling left from right occasionally (especially if talking to someone else and trying to think "my right or your right"), etc. I also wondered why they didn't just number them 1-2-3-4-5 as you went across.
  2. Basically, this. Cal will have some reach wherever he goes. Too many players in the league that are alums for him to not have some pull with some of them in any given situation. I think the biggest problem with this upcoming season is that Cal doesn't have a ton coming back and another season that's closer to the NIT in 2013 than the Final Four in 2011, then it raises questions about how he does with a roster that isn't stocked. That could wind up hurting his pro options, especially depending on what other coaches wind up on the market. If he gets the right offer this season, it doesn't surprise me if he goes. He leaves the uncertainty that is this year's group, and has the 2015 season to start shaping the roster how he wants. He also gets a pass all season because it's all going to come down to how the 2016 free agent class works out anyway and any negativity just hurts there, so you aren't a true fan if you are questioning him because it's hurting the team.
  3. Any disputes on oil and gas royalties or subject land leases and I'll have his back. :lol2:
  4. 2015. Just a gut shot after thinking about going undefeated. I re-watched the Wisconsin game. No way they beat us in a best of seven; they played over their heads that night.
  5. I've heard Nick Napier, a current assistant at Bell County and former assistant at Scott County. He'd be a great choice. Young guy but still has some experience, already has a state championship ring. Player's coach who would be someone that the kids and parents really liked. He's as far from a "yeller and screamer" as you can get; he can teach the game and still develop kids without all that. Just heard his name mentioned but would definitely be a good choice and will make a difference in whichever program gives him his first chance as a head coach.
  6. Would be very good for players with things like dyslexia as well.
  7. http://usafootball.com/blogs/americas-game/post/9484/enterprising-dad-creates-sleeves%2C-gloves-to-help-son-remember-holes
  8. Always liked watching Breeden's teams play and can say he was one hell of a coach. Hadn't had any interaction with him other than him being a very nice guy when I covered the 11th for BGP. Some coaches you'd contact to get info could be like pulling teeth, but the guy who was a graduate assistant at UK and had plenty of regional titles to hang his hat on as well was always one of the guys who'd be one of the first to respond to requests about his teams for yearly previews and wouldn't act like it was a pain to deal with someone like me who doesn't know nearly much about basketball, etc. Always thought that was very classy and will miss seeing him on the sidelines, but as others have said, it's a well deserved retirement.
  9. I've actually had Christmas dinner with a BGP poster for a few years before he and I even realized that we were both on BGP, much less who we were.
  10. Does anyone have any tape of the 1993 Breckenridge County team? I've heard they played five as one better than anyone in our generation and would love to see them operate, but was too young to remember even if I were there.
  11. Didn't really think of the difference, but I'm guessing that lots of the people who worked in jail aren't actually police officers now that you've mentioned it. I guess the taser just made me assume it was an officer.
  12. Of the four, he didn't play in the first two, and in the second of those, Harden was also suffering from back spasms. In the two where Howard played, Golden State still blew them out though. How the Rockets fared against the Warriors this season - Ultimate Rockets
  13. Agreed. If you assault a hemophiliac and kill them, it doesn't matter that it wouldn't have killed 99% of the population, you've still committed a homicide. It may not be murder, but it can certainly be manslaughter. This isn't an "I hate police" thing people have, it's a "did this woman die needlessly?" thing. The article is from a credible source and states she was restrained both at the arms and legs, and that numerous experts have stated that it was excessive. Now the jail has already taken them out of use, and while subsequent remedial measures probably won't be admissible in tort, it's still telling to the public. I think it's fair to say that it seems as if the problem wasn't the taser, it was the person using it. To top it all, the report states that she was transferred there on February 3 because "her mental state was deteriorating", so it isn't as if they didn't have notice that this woman had some mental issues.
  14. As far as Rupp, he made it as an 8th grader. I was surprised that he was back at PCC for his junior season honestly.
  15. Still doesn't answer why it's appropriate to tase* someone repeatedly when they are already restrained. *(sorry my spellcheck didn't catch it first time)
  16. Princess Diana is the first one that I can really remember. I was a kid and seeing her kids who were about my age was pretty rough for me.
  17. Hahaha... yea. I bet that there's a Baylor kid sitting out their first arrest from late Saturday night seeing tons of bikers rolling in and thinking "what in the hell".
  18. Waco is where Baylor University is located. How awesome would it be to be a Baylor kid sitting out an AI or small possession charge on Sunday afternoon when all these guys roll into jail?
  19. Also something to note: this wasn't some spontaneous happening. The Twin Peaks restaurant had been hosting a weekly "Bike Nite" where there was a discount, etc. Not surprisingly, a Hooters knock-off with scantily clad waitresses, large groups of bikers from various associations, and alcohol wasn't the most well thought-out mix for avoiding legal trouble. This was apparently brewing for a few weeks and stemmed from some smaller altercations that already had things tense, hence police already being on the scene, etc. Police say the restaurant manager was uncooperative in efforts to prevent this, and in my opinion, that's a major part of what led to Corporate revoking their franchise.
  20. Warring gangs down here with racial overtones. Bandidos are a largely Hispanic biker gang and are definitely the largest. From the ones I've encountered, not really the type of people to be messed with if I were guessing. Have read that some of the other sides joined in against them over some turf war, recruitment type stuff and it was a case of a bunch of smaller gangs joining up against a common enemy.
  21. Now that the media is getting ahold of this one, I think some decisions may be changing and heads starting to roll. I'm obviously not a LEO, but is there a reason you taser a restrained person? I thought the purpose of tasing was to stop fleeing and/or take control of an uncooperative person without endangering yourself more than necessary. Seems that once someone is cuffed, that's kind of taken care of.
  22. Agree with all of that so long as Bogut is healthy. I'm of the opinion that he's more banged up than they've let on and than people seem to be thinking. A "precautionary MRI" after a playoff game is never a good thing, and it's even worse when it's coming on a big man who has an injury-riddled history and you'll need him to check Howard in the next round. As anemic as the Grizzlies offense could be, they still took the Warriors to 6. Seeing all the momentum that Houston is riding, it's going to take a hell of an effort for GS to win it in 5, but they could do it if they are healthy.
  23. I've heard the name of a young coach in the area who'd be a really good fit and am wondering if he's going to apply.
  24. To me, this is a better example of a case of depraved heart murder than what was going on in Baltimore if it was just a "rough ride". I'd imagine it's someone with very little training if they think that repeatedly shocking someone is going to do anything to them except seriously hurt them.
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