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  1. @mcpapa, both you and @Jim Schue should start watching. You'd love it.
  2. 1. Agree. That didn't necessarily happen in the past though, so they're already off to a bad start. 2. Agree. 3. Agree. 4. Think you accidentally hit submit too quick. To the first sentence, I'm not sure exactly why they have 'nothing' to do with what I'm saying. I would say that because of #1 , she now has to come off as tough or else. She didn't just wake up in that position all of her own volition. Talking about her 'railroading' officers, when you look at her record, is just misinformed. Railroading is finding someone who is innocent guilty. You haven't even denied that they should be prosecuted, as you mentioned in that same post.
  3. Apparently. If it is what I'm thinking, then I don't think it's very logical and you seem like a pretty rational person.
  4. Well, I agree if you are saying that they should have been prosecuted in the past. That didn't happen though and society doesn't operate in a vacuum. To ignore the past and just look at this event in isolation is like saying, "wow, those French people really took it too far for killing Marie Antoinette just because she said 'let them eat cake'."
  5. I understand that, but I think the police have done more than their share of damaging that future relationship. It's not like this is something that's just on her. If they'd kept their own house in order, she wouldn't be having to come down on them now. She's passed opportunities to in the past, but now the number of lawsuits have built, the public is calling for blood, and she's a politician... this shouldn't be some big surprise.
  6. Well I guess if you throw out their past history of excessive force, large payouts on civil suits, and her decisions not to aggressively prosecute them then, then it would appear they are getting "railroaded" now. I'm saying that the Baltimore PD has done plenty on their own to damage their working relationship with her, the public, anyone. Let's not forget that.
  7. Was just a general observation on the overall theme of the thread. Politicians are going to pander to whoever is going to get them elected. I don't think the prosecutor is someone who goes out of her way to go at the police's throats because she can, but that's how she's being portrayed now. Look back at many of the suits that the city has paid out for police brutality and see how many of the officers who had the city pay for their ignorance ended up successfully prosecuted and that should tell everyone plenty about what a "cop hater" she really is. The Baltimore PD has done plenty to damage their image and the way that politicians have to interact with them in the public eye now, and they've did plenty of that on their own... that one is on them. I'm guessing they weren't hating her when she wasn't prosecuting them on brutality cases.
  8. List looks really thrown together honestly. I would guess there wasn't lots of research because it looks pretty hastily thrown together.
  9. Added this to my post after you'd responded: "If she were a real cop-hater, she'd have had plenty of chances to really break one off in people well before this. There's likely tons of public pressure on her now because she didn't do just that often enough before." Probably not going to be very fair to six heads in a guillotine now, but this is the kind of thing that happens when there are, say, tons of burglaries in an area and the justice system decides to get tough on them. You don't want to be the person who gets caught once all the heat has really gotten on, even if you hadn't committed any of the previous ones.
  10. Lets not act like the Baltimore PD has done the elected officials in the city tons of favors either. They've been getting their pants sued off for overstepping their bounds for sometime, and lots of those suits had some pretty damning evidence against the officers. This was kind of a watershed moment that had been brewing for awhile. If she were a real cop-hater, she'd have had plenty of chances to really break one off in people well before this. There's likely tons of public pressure on her now because she didn't do just that often enough before.
  11. Gotcha. My apologies for reading too much into it. Sadly, I do hear people use the, "better hope they never need us, see how fast I respond then" type thing. Ironically, it's often from people wondering why the public they deal with has a negative attitude toward them.
  12. I don't think there's anyway they don't get it. I think it's probably closer to Clyde's point about no leaks early on. Then again, there's a history of police and prosecutors not turning over all the exculpatory evidence to a defense team, even when required by law, so maybe this is their welcome to that world.
  13. Probably one of those situations where it wasn't really a big deal for a guy growing up like he did to have involvement with people in gangs. I don't think Wall is a gang-banger or anything, but I do think he should be smarter about throwing up gang signs openly and things like that.
  14. No offense, but this kind of attitude is as off-putting and concerning as anything I've said in the past. "Yea... hope you don't need us" like you are doing people some huge favor to do your job, not really the most classy or tactful way to handle it. It really comes off as "disagree with me and I don't feel I should do what I'm supposed to and serve and protect". I've represented people that I didn't like personally, but it's my job to do it and I'm still respectful of them. Not trying to call you out personally because I hear that line a lot and it kind of irks me. People might think doctors are pretentious jerks, but what if they responded to them with that attitude? Probably not someone who is going to be doing very well in their business.
  15. Agreed. Most people have pretty strong feelings on this issue because they are always seeing videos and incidents like this. In the back of lots of people's minds is also the thought, "how would this have ended up working out in the long run if there were no cameras?". The people in this video like the girl being dragged around by her hair or the kid with a gun pulled on him are not going to trust police anymore, but can you really blame them? This is why the distrust is so bad. Lots of built up feelings of resentment and people left feeling powerless after altercations with goofs like this one who are probably as deserving of being locked up as the people they are locking up. Lots on here make fun of me for initially taking up for Danielle Watts (even though that was almost a year ago now, some people still find it to be fresh material apparently), but when things come out like Stewart Ferrin being written up tons of times including less than 5 days before his next blowup, I'm not seeing anyone saying "I was wrong about Ms. Ore". Finally, I think it's odd that our country seems to have plenty of capabilities to spy on it's citizens, but people who are anti-filming are always talking about the "costs of cameras, costs of storage for all of that data", etc.
  16. Also, we'll probably hear, "but they fired him... what else could you want?". How's this? Not hiring him, disciplining him for small things he does before they lead to big things like this, being tougher during screening process for hires, or, call me crazy, but just not hiring guys like him?
  17. Nothing worse than a 50+ inch television that doesn't work at all.
  18. LG "Smart" TV. I didn't buy it, but roommates did. Horrible. Input switches randomly, buttons on the touch screen panel or remote won't respond. Once they start "responding", they go crazy. Incredibly awful trying to just get a Playstation game going or switching back over to cable. Will not be buying ANY LG electronics like it. Tons of horrible ratings and reviews online, so it sounds like this isn't just a lemon that we have.
  19. Big fan of Ogbogu here. Love the kid's edge and what he brought to the table for a Lexington Catholic team that needed some of that swag and toughness.
  20. Wow. Glad to here this for my friends from the Dirty 'Boro who went there. Could be a real sleeping giant.
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