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  1. Pop quiz. What was the name of the character Samuel Jackson played in Django Unchained?
  2. Plenty of information to see that the victim is now the suspect. His skin color doesn't matter in any of this either. Wanted to to make sure that was out there.
  3. There's a special place in hell for those girls that attacked the mom and baby.
  4. I'm guessing they are waiting for some suspects to emerge so they can check the storyline.
  5. String of Nighttime Fires Hit Predominately Black Churches in Four Southern States | Hatewatch
  6. Good question. They sure aren't covering the black churches that are being burnt throughout the south right now either.
  7. You're a special kind of something ain't you? Keep waving that flag proudly to honor your heritage. You're doing a fine job. :thumb:
  8. No clue but the head coach of Casey County is the head coach of Team Manimal. I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks of dead period if he coaches his Team Manimal team that has two players from his Casey County team playing on it.
  9. So how is playing AAU/travel ball helping out the situation you mention? Kids don't want to be left behind either so they still play, work out, condition, etc in the Dead Period. The Deap Period doesn't do anything you mention except keep high school coaches away from their athletes for 2 weeks. Instead they get alone time with their AAU coaches/handlers/advisors/etc. I'd much rather have kids with their high school coaches and teammates than their AAU outfit.
  10. The AAU/traveling sports loophole allows it. If a head coach of a high school team is also a head coach of an AAU team he can have players from his high school team on his AAU team and the AAU team will practice and play in tournaments during the Dead Period.
  11. The Dead Period doesn't stop that. It doesn't stop any of that. There are so many high school coaches in AAU/traveling sports that they still see their athletes and work with them during the Dead Period anyways.
  12. I know of kids who go on vacation during fall break in the middle of football season. Dead Period hasn't stopped them.
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