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  1. Mercer girls set a new state record in the 4x400 for 2A with a 3:56.07. This girls team finished the year undefeated. Very difficult to do. All the girls return next year too. Exciting time in Harrodsburg!
  2. A crying infant is different than a child misbehaving. Crying infants have never bothered me. I don't find a church not welcoming of a crying infant very welcoming.
  3. I don't think that is privilege, that is just how things happen. I think the word privilege has taken on a negative connotation in the past few years. To the OP question, privilege should never override the law.
  4. Main reason for that is the private attorney has more time to spend on the case. I see it every day. You are better off with a private attorney.
  5. The police now consider Mr. Smollett a suspect and are presenting to a grand jury. Jussie Smollett now considered a suspect for his report of hate-crime attack, Chicago police say
  6. I use it. I have had two surgeries on my left knee. It helps. I use a brand called Ignite. It is from a company in Colorado. $65 for 30 doses. It has three different flavors also. Whatever brand you try, get it with flavoring. The non-flavored tastes terrible.
  7. Most of what I have seen are one time offenders. We have had a few repeat offenders but they are the exception instead of the norm. Now I'm not saying the one time offenders are the cream of the crop. Odd thing I find in KY law, DV is a civil matter. It only becomes a criminal matter if assault charges are filed. Often, assault charges are not filed for whatever reason. Granted, if the police are called and they make an arrest, assault charges are filed. From my experience, most EPO's are filed by the victim after the fact, hence it is a civil matter unless the victim seeks to file a criminal complaint. To me it is odd that a judge can find that an act of domestic violence occurred and a person does not face jail time. I don't know if it is different in other states. Maybe some of our attorney's can answer that question. I for one would be interested in that answer.
  8. I listen to DV cases every week. I have for six years. Not everyone is a crappy person. Sometimes people, both men and women, make a crappy decision. There are those that are the serial abusers. There are those that just made a very bad decision in the heat of the moment. Doesn't make them a crappy person, just means they screwed up royally. Let me be clear, it is never OK to put your hands on another person in a relationship. Be it man or woman unless you are defending yourself from an attack by the other person.
  9. I would not support a protest during the National Anthem. To me it's disrespectful. I also don't support banning any guns.
  10. The Boyle girls didn't run away with the title. They bested Mercer by 10 points and were tied going into the final two events. Congrats to the Boyle boys and girls. Great performances!!! It's really been fun watching the Boyle and Mercer girls battle it out all year.
  11. That's how it is supposed to be. In truth, it is exactly the opposite.
  12. On a personal note, my oldest daughter qualified for all four events she runs. Mercer Co. girls were runner up in AA Region 5.
  13. Sometimes the kids just hate any authority. It’s not always the parents fault. I see plenty of kids with good, caring, parents that are just little punks.
  14. In some instances. In others, they are just wanna be thugs.
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