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  1. Look up SportSync SR-303 $69.95 - battery operated portable.
  2. As usual, you’re absolutely right my dear friend. I’m not trying to diminish anyone else’s accomplishments, just get Mike the recognition he deserves. I see the varsity time played while in middle school as a huge accomplishment in the 42nd, scoring his points against the best seniors Henry Clay, Scott County, and Bryan Station could throw at him.
  3. So that puts us at 2324, still missing his 7th grade number. 86 shy of Allen.
  4. When you talk about Fayette County’s top scorers, Dunbar’s own Mike Smith always gets overlooked because he transferred in from Sayre. When you add his totals from both schools together he’s definitely one of the tops in FC history. MM31, maybe you’re the man who can straighten this out. KHSAA site shows Mike scoring 954 in his 2 years at Dunbar, but those stats don’t have the whole season totals, they stop a couple games short each year. Got final numbers for those two years? While at Sayre, KHSAA shows 1267 points for Mike’s 8th, 9th, and 10th grade years, but there are no numbers for his 7th grade season, and he was on their varsity then. That’s 2221 total shown on the KHSAA stats. Add the missing points from a few Dunbar games and 7th grade at Sayre, and Mike Smith might challenge Mike Allen for 1st, and be no lower than 2nd. This won’t affect Taveion’s spot on the Dunbar list, but if you can document this you could get a Dunbar grad the recognition he deserves. Last I heard he was still rolling the numbers at Pfeiffer.
  5. WLEX reports 3 lawsuits have been filed against Lexington Catholic, relative to matters that surfaced this spring and were discussed in this forum. The link below includes the documents filed with the court. Three Lawsuits Filed Against Lexington Catholic High School, Dio - LEX18.com | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather
  6. Monday’s schedule for varsity squads: 9 AM Trimble Co v Central Hardin 2 9:45 Central Hardin 1 v Russell Lewis Co v Henry Co CCD v St. Henry 10:30 NCC1 v North Hardin Rockcastle v Hamilton Walton-Verona v St Henry 2 11:15 Beechwood v NCC2 Lawrence Co v John Hardin Henry Co v Central Hardin 12:45PM Russell v Trimble Co Central Hardin 1 v St Henry 1 Lewis Co v Walton-Verona North Hardin v Rockcastle 1:30 NCC1 v Lawrence Henry Co v St Henry 2 Hamilton v Beechwood 2:15 John Hardin v CCD 3:00 Trimble Co v NCC2 Hamilton v Russell 3:45 NCC1 v Rockcastle Central Hardin 2 v Beechwood Central Hardin 1 v Lawrence 4:30 North Hardin v Hamilton John Hardin v. Walton-Verona CCD v NCC2 5:15 Lewis Co v Rockcastle Russell v Central Hardin 2 St Henry v Beechwood 6:00 NCC1 v Henry Co St Henry v Trimble Co 6:45 Walton-Verona v CCD John Hardin v Beechwood 7:30 Lewis Co v Lawrence NCC2 v Central Hardin 2 8:15 Trimble Co v Henry Co North Hardin v St Henry 1 9:00 Hardin 1 v Rockcastle Russell v St Henry 2 That’s enough typing for a 2-fingered typist. Most time slots have 5 courts going with JV and freshman games included. If anyone has a kid on a JV or Freshman team give me the team name and I’ll give you their schedule. Btw, to get enough bodies usually freshmen get pushed up to some jv games, and jv players pushed to varsity 1 or 2 teams. As a HS freshman my son once played 11 games in a camp day, and today he’s officiating 16. Your kids should sleep well.
  7. Like a couple of posters above, I wondered about the specifics and validity of the dispute between SCC and the DOE. I found the following links which shed some light on the subject. Hope some of you find them interesting. Small private college closes, blames Education Department sanction Lawsuit: U.S. Department of Education admits it erred in withhol - WDRB 41 Louisville News
  8. Midway’s original announcement about going co-ed said: “Athletics – Recruitment of male athletes will begin for fall 2017.” Not saying they couldn’t accelerate all that if they wanted, just don’t think it was the initial plan. The St. Catherine situation could be an opportunity for them to jump start men’s athletics, for sure. Having to come up with scholarship $ for athletes won’t help their financial issues, but could help put them on the map as being co-ed and attracting additional enrollment. BTW, the women played as NAIA-2 and in the KIAC.
  9. St. Catherine College in Springfield, KY announced today they will be closing in July. High debt and decreasing enrollment. Lotta players will be looking for new gigs, good luck to all. Stepson played there when they were a Juco and finished at Bellarmine. Went back to SCC last two years for Master’s, received only 2 weeks ago. Son was offered to play there by JT Burton but chose another school. Choice looks good now as he just finished sophomore year. Here’s the link to the SCC announcement: http://www.sccky.edu/news/scc-to-close.php
  10. New assistant coach: Hall Of Fame Hire For Matthew Mitchell - LEX18.com | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather
  11. Try nemccathletics.com and http://www.nemcc.edu. 2-year school.
  12. WTVQ coverage of Darius Williams from state champ Dunbar commitment to Northeast Mississippi. Congratulations and best of luck, Darius! PLD's Darius Williams signs with NE Mississippi - ABC 36 News
  13. See if this works: Year away from track didn’t spoil Dunbar sprinter’s will, heart | Lexington Herald-Leader
  14. The money being referenced relates to donations generated by each team member as part of a Lift-A-Thon. The monies used from this fundraiser are used to purchase uniforms and equipment by the football team. With all due respect, to make uninformed statements as the one above is simply irresponsible. I would suggest that this discussion be closed and resurrected once the legal system has had an opportunity to review the situation. In my opinion, to do so would only be fair to the individuals involved, their families and the entire LC community I accept your suggestion and shall be more circumspect in the future. I thought identifying it as a rumor was sufficient, I did hear it as a rumor. At least the unintended consequence was you providing correct info, thanks!
  15. Today's story: New Allegations Against Lexington Catholic - LEX18.com | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather
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