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  1. Here's bashing: NKU is a joke compared to UK and U of L. It's a joke people are so butt-hurt and defending it, but that tells you something in and of itself about the inferiority complex. When I told people I was going there they'd laugh and say, "No Knowledge University". I had over a 3.7 going to class as few times as possible because campus life was so great. The "Skyline" bar that the school is known for is so fun, it probably holds all of 300 people at capacity. No football. Just getting Division 1 basketball, and that's a big deal. And yes, the 100 level classes at UK were just as tough, if not tougher than my Master's level classes at NKU, and I'll stand by that. If nothing else, they were probably tougher because my grades at NKU were definitely better. Hope I didn't leave anything out, and definitely didn't mean to insult the ~25% (or whatever # that I don't care to look up) of the student population there who actually lives on campus and treat it like a college experience.
  2. Any ideas who is in the running for the next head coach?
  3. Houston has some versatility with the lineups they can throw out there. I'm wondering if Bogut is more banged up than is being let on. I know he had an MRI after one of their games in the Memphis series. Putting Harden at the 1 and Howard at the 5, Houston then has 5 players you can rotate at the other spots in Terry, Ariza, Smith, Brewer, Jones, so they'll match up well defensively if they can find a way to hide Harden. Each game is probably going to be the first to 120, so the biggest tell is likely going to be how well Houston can shoot the ball and if a guy like Josh Smith will shoot them out of a game.
  4. 2:30 am now, as well as all alcohol sales lasting until then. I can only speak to each while I was there, and the sports scene was a big part of Lexington for me (as it'd probably be for most of us who talk sports on BGP). Wasn't trying to bash NKU, just saying I didn't really enjoy my time there and get accused of lying about it. Should have just kept to myself, as one of the two cardinal rules of BGP are: 1.) you can't say anything negative about a UK player, and 2.) you can't say anything negative about the Northern Kentucky area.
  5. If they let Evans coach there'd have been a mutiny, if there were even any kids left by then. I know of at least one high profile kid who was rumored to be leaving if Evans had stayed. No way they'd have kept that team in tact with him. The kids thought they didn't like Elam, but they loved him compared to Evans from all I've gathered.
  6. Sorry, I guess I should have said NKU was just as fun as UK, has all the social life of it, and is an even better school. Sorry for my honest assessment of a commuter school.
  7. Hahaha... oh. I gotcha. I think I actually went there a time or two. It changed ownership while I was there.
  8. Also high school coaches (usually not the head coach, but a member of the staff) who want to get on AAU staffs just to make sure people aren't pulling at their kids too hard (read: I want to be on the staff of my star player's AAU team to keep all the people trying to recruit him to other high schools from doing so).
  9. Actually one of his best podcasts. Go to YouTube and find that one and the one with Hall and then the one with Nash. I would link them here, but I think they might have NSFW parts. I know the one with Nash is a two part one and the one with Hall might be the same.
  10. Death of woman shocked by stun gun in Fairfax jail is ruled an accident - The Washington Post
  11. Wouldn't crush me at all. And I'm a Gold Star guy, and that, I do miss indeed.
  12. Sorry, was responding to your and JD (and other's) posts at the same time and didn't quote them on the part about someone calling one in but not the other.
  13. There are some very good AAU coaches at the top tiers and the higher you go on the grade levels. I don't doubt that at all. I would imagine that the median high school basketball coach is much better than the median AAU coach (unless that AAU coach is a high school assistant or former high school coach, something like that). Lots of people who don't know the game at all are in AAU and think that latching onto kids are going to get them a high school job. You can definitely look at some of them and tell that they didn't play themselves.
  14. Probably, "some stupid college kid walking around here with a gun because he can, and I don't think he's harmful, but can you all come check it out and see if there's something you can do about it... it's making me and my kids nervous". :lol2:
  15. I never said that at all. I'm the guy who said they should both be asked to lay on the ground. I think it's stupid when people open carry just to say they do it and wish that there were stricter laws against open carrying something like an AR-15. It's one of those things where "just because you can", doesn't mean you "should".
  16. Agreed that open carrying is completely stupid. I'd have been fine with them asking them to both lay on the ground. I just thought it was an interesting look, and even if someone called in for the black guy but not the white guy, it shows that sometimes black people kind of have it stacked against them because it's more likely that someone will call them in.
  17. Yes, plenty. I was in one of the campus student political organizations, but was told to leave by the President for being a "pretender"... his reasoning was that I refused to miss my master's level classes to go door-to-door campaigning with them two weeks in a row. Kind of glad to have not been in College Republicans there though, as it was the year they famously misspelled 'Republicans' or something really simple like that on their big banner on campus. After that I worked with a media organization on campus, and the people were really nice, some friends in it and all that, but they really didn't do much chilling outside of work and were never really around campus on weekends. I think it's way different going to NKU when you didn't grow up in the NKY area than going there if you did. Daylight and dark from my experiences at UK and during law school down here. I loved it so much I would literally wait until Monday or Tuesday evening to drive up and leave at lunch on Thursday or Friday by the end of my time there. Still made Dean's List with being there as little as possible by the second half of the second semester. When I was there, I'd be in the gym literally 3 or 4 hours a day playing basketball or running upstairs on the small track. I know it wasn't necessarily a ghost town or anything, but not really like waiting 2-3 games back at the Johnson Center when you go in the evening at UK.
  18. I do agree that if they were different areas and one was high crime and the other not that it would make a difference as well.
  19. Hahaha... True to the bolded. It's kind of like when someone yells "stop resisting" just outside the dash cam's view, right? To be clear, I'd have been fine with both guys being asked to lay on the ground.
  20. Cue the same tired arguments of "well, 99% of officers do their job right", "this was baiting the guy", "you don't appreciate my job"... there. Got those out of the way for everyone. Hope I didn't leave any out. This was obviously a staged thought experiment, but one guy carrying an AR-15 should be perceived to be as dangerous as another. And again, I don't agree with open carry.
  21. Let me go ahead and say I don't agree with open carrying. With that said, I think we can all see the difference between these two guys and how the situation was handled. I know that despite this, plenty of people will probably be defending the officers, and you can go ahead and do so and I really don't care, but the reality of this is fairly obvious and is what it is.
  22. Son of Fallen Sheriff's Deputy Is Given Dad's Squad Car at Auction - ABC News
  23. As someone who spent a year there, I'd beg to differ. No offense to anyone who went there, but as someone who wasn't from NKU, the classes were a joke, on average, the professors were clueless save for the few who were with P&G and moonlighting by teaching accounting, the campus is nicknamed "Concrete Hell", and absolutely nothing fun goes on socially, either on campus or in the vicinity. If you want to go to a commuter school where most everyone else is perfectly fine with still hanging out with the people they knew in high school and there aren't traditional things like football games or on-campus events that make other schools fun, then yea, it's awesome. The only redeeming qualities I saw in it was that it was fairly cheap, the classes were incredibly easy, and because so many people commute and all of that, the gym is never crowded, so you have something to do to pass the time while you are stuck there during the week. Oh yea, and there's tunnels underground that connect some of the buildings, so you don't have to go outside when it's cold. Know I'll probably get bashed for this and that some people love NKU. To that, I'd say, to each his own, but obviously just wasn't for me.
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