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  1. My answer is no. All teams in the league pay scouts alot of money to evaluate these kids. While it doesn't hurt, bottom line it comes down to what the scouts think. Just my opinion.
  2. Jones didn't seem to have his head in the game today. Wonder what was up with him?
  3. No show Jones!!!!!!!! Can't figure out why UK didn't foul. Blows my mind.
  4. I'll take Darius as a starter over either Teague or MKG. Experience & talent > Talent.....
  5. The result of the Wayne vs. Corbin game from a few weeks ago says otherwise.
  6. Corbin and Bell is a series of trends, right now, its Bell Co's turn to be on top, but they better not hang their hat on it. Jewell has beaten Bell before, and can do it again....
  7. Just my 2 cents...but Mayfield would indeed spank Bell. T would def. put a running clock on Bell by the half. X lost to BG...so I feel like Bell Co. could hang with them. All theoretical though.
  8. Myrtle Beach head Coach Mickey Wilson has Corbin KY ties. He has alot of family in Corbin and his father is a Corbin alum. Congrats.
  9. Danville won't blow Corbin out. They defeated Garrard Co. by 8. Not exactly a state powerhouse.... Corbin is a stop away from being 2 and 1 just like Danville. This one is a toss up. Will be one of the better football games going on Friday night.
  10. The Corbin/Bell matchup changes a little this year from what it used to be. In years past, it was normally the 3rd or so week on the schedule, depending on if Corbin or Bell played in a game prior to Corbin's Pigskin Classic. Moving it back to the 8th game means that BOTH teams should be playing their best football, but will also have to watch out for injuries, ect.
  11. Sometimes it really was hard to watch. I remember Kansas beating us by 28 at Allen Fieldhouse in 2006 and Tubby never changed from that same expression thats always on his face. I was sick over that, and done with Tubby on that day. He did nothing to try to change the game.
  12. BCG made Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley better ball players, imo. I don't know what went wrong after that 1st season, but I thought UK was on the way up after BCG season 1, based upon the improvement those two players made. Good luck to him in Texas!
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