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Tom Brady

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How much is left on his current contract? If his contract is up then I guess I could see it happening possibly, he did admit that he "sucked today". I don't see him being like Favre and playing late into his 30's or early 40's. I would say at best he's got 3 more years depending on his current contract situation.

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Why would he retire?


No specific reason; he's healthy and has played excellent nearly all season. Just thinking if he goes out as a winner that he may consider hanging it up like other athletes have. Personally, I don't think that he would, but I guess we will see what all happens.

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I think it would give him 4. Can't hang it up until he has one for the thumb too.


I could see him wanting #5 that would be very impressive.


I read it somewhere.


I just don't see him playing after Belichik is gone and the Pats are losing their offensive coordinator after this season.


Also no one has mentioned it yet does any one know what Brady's contract has left in it? This is the kind of stuff that will fill up ESPN in the weeks following the Super Bowl.

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