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Christmas Gifts


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We had the thread about your wish lists. Let's hear what you actually got.


My family exchanged gifts earlier today. I'll be getting more tomorrow from the rest of my family and my girlfriend.


Today I just got an IPod Touch which I am quite happy about.



What did the rest of you get? (If you got them yet.)

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Family Christmas Eve tonight. Got some nice clothes and a 750 of Basil and a 750 of 4 Roses Small Batch.


I picked up some Basil Hayden before heading to the inlaws and had a few glasses on the rocks. I like it a lot but kind of dried my mouth out requiring me to sip more frequently. ;-)

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Eagels greatest hits two CDs. My wife told me she wanted to go somewhere she has never gone to for Christmas, so I took a picture of our kitchen and gave it to her.


Merry Christmas everyone!


For the second year in a row I got a big headache from my mother-in-law!
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