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Cowboys 31 Bengals 22

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Although they both ended in loses, the Bengals have shown signs of life in their last two games.


I love watching Felix Jones run. I wish they would give him more carries. I believe he ended up with 9 touches for 96 yards today.

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I am actually starting to feel bad for this team. They really do play hard, however they always find ways to lose it. Or if they are not finding away to lose it, the ball just seems to bounce just the right way for the other team.


I really have like how the defense has played so far this year. They just now need to learn now to come up with the big play in the 4th quarter to stop a team.

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I am even more happy now that we signed Benson. From the little bit we saw of him today, I thought he looked very good!


That two point call was horrible, and if we are going to throw a fade pass up to someone. Let that person be Chris Henry, not Ben Utecht.

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Of course, the mean local media and our nitpicking might have something to do with the foul mood in the Cowboys' Texas Stadium interview room.


Wade Phillips, miffed at a question from a legendary local columnist/radio personality about the Cowboys stinking most of the game, muttered on his way off the podium. "I think you stink," Phillips said with a red face. The coach and media character did squash their hard feelings in a touching moment later.


T.O. kept it short and sweet, delivering a one-minute, 10-second sermon/speech about that combined faith, frustration and football. He declined to answer any questions.


Tony Romo also took offense to some questioning, wondering aloud why the local media holds the Cowboys to such high standards. A few minutes later, on the way to his car, he pointed out that none of us ever played in the NFL, which might be why we don't get that wins don't come easy in this league.


This win definitely didn't come easy, and it doesn't seem like the 4-1 Cowboys were able to enjoy it, either.



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