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Highlands 48 Hopkinsville 21


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Josh Conner was there but not dressed.


Crawford ran well. All teams in the state need a backup that talented. He had 176 yards on just 12 carries and two scores.


Highlands looked good throwing the football. Guidugli was 7-of-13 passing for 138 yards and a touchdown.


Dale Mueller said in the radio pregame that they hope to get Conner back by the end of the season. It appeared like he had some sort of hard cast still on his leg.


Oliver Head had five catches for 80 yards and 32 more yards rushing. He also had a pick on defense.


Highlands had 427 yards of total offense and 21 first downs


Michael Laber returned a pick 20 yards for a score for their final touchdown.


Hopkinsville gained 19 yards on their first rushing attempt. They gained 35 yards on their final 25 carries.


Hoptown quarterback Marshall Stewart was 14-of-29 passing for 236 yards and two touchdowns. He was picked off three times.


Derrick Dillard had four catches for 64 yards and a TD as well as a rushing TD.


Victor Moulden had a 65-yard (questionable) touchdown on a screen pass but only had one other catch for one yard.


Hopkinsville had 290 yards of offense and ran four more plays than Highlands.


The Bluebirds traveled well.


Nice to meet some of the Highlands people before the game.

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Surprised at the size of the crowd or lack thereof. I think Highlands had as many folks or more than Hop-Town. Great facilities, really first class.

Hop-town has some great athletes. I am honestly surprised they aren't doing a little better.


Highlands offense wasn't perfect but they could do almost anything they wanted.


The Birds got a chance to play there one's almost the whole game. It was good to see Will Bardo play and get to throw (and run). He looked great.



Congrats 'Birds time to get ready for Scott.

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It was great to see Clint Crawford back on the field. He picked up right where he left off. He broke a few and was close on a few others. He really didn't look to be favoring the shoulder.


Looking forward to getting Josh back soon, though all the running backs have done awesome filling in for Clint & Josh.

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If Giudugli goes down with an injury, it looks like the offense is in good hands with Bardo. I can't imagine many backup quarterbacks in this state have his size, athleticism and potential.


Even without Conner, the Bluebirds weren't lacking for capable skill-position players.


Highlands certainly looked like 5A's #1 team ... I wouldn't have a problem saying that they're the #3 team in the state behind the Catholic behemoths in Louisville.

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just for fun- who do you think would beat Hoptown by 40 or more in the west. BG is the class of the west with Owensbore being 2nd. The Tigers gave the red devils all they wanted and out gained them by 100 yards. They also had more yards than Christian County. I think its very possible that Hoptown could make a good run in the playoffs and play toe toe with Bowling Green if and when the Tigers defense shows up.

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Hopkinsville has a beautiful facility, and it was a great day for football, but I really could not beleive the low turn out for the home team. Everyone there was very nice and great host, but on a gorgeous Saturday in October there is nothing better than watching football and the home team crowd just wasn't there.:confused::confused:

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