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2021 Pick 5 Contest: Playoff Edition (Week 3)

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BGP Pick 5 Contest: Playoff Edition

This is two contests in one. Below are five games with assigned point values and all you have to do is pick the winner of every game. Guess all five correctly and score 15 points then you win a prize from the BGP Store! It is important you play each week because at the end of the playoffs, whoever has tallied the most points, will win a grand prize!

The format for submissions must be as you see below:

5 point game winner
4 point game winner
3 point game winner
2 point game winner
1 point game winner

(Failure to submit in this order will result in a score of zero for the week)

The deadline for all entries is 5pm EDT Friday.


The Round 3 games are as follows.

5 point game - Woodford County / Covington Catholic
4 point game - Bardstown / Glasgow
3 point game - Bell County / Belfry
2 point game - Middlesboro / West Carter
1 point game - Corbin / Johnson Central

This thread is for contest entries only. All other posts will be deleted.

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Covington Catholic  5

Bardstown                4

Belfry                        3

Middlesboro             2

Johnson Central       1

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