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Do you order the same thing at Fast Food restaurants?

Randy Parker

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Burger King - Always a #1 with cheese. Always. I'm not sure I've ever had anything except the Whopper w/ cheese meal.


Chick-fil-A - Again, always a #1 . Fat Jason got me hooked on that place. Three years ago, I had eaten there one time.


Arby's - I don't eat there often, but when I do, it's the Beef and Cheddar with curly fries.


Gold Star - 3 cheese coneys.


McDonald's is the only place where I occasionally get something different, but it's usually a Big Mac meal or Quarter Pounder meal.

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McDonald's it varies for me.


Taco Bell it's always 2 chili cheese burritos and then either a soft taco or when they had those ghost pepper grillers it was one of those.


Wendy's - Either 2 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers or a Spicy Chicken Combo


Long John Silvers - Always the one piece chicken, one piece fish combo.


Rarely get fast food but it's generally one of those 4. Don't really hit up any other fast food restaurants ever.

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McDonalds it's almost Quarter pounder every time...if I'm eating on the go (while driving or in the truck) I get McDoubles as they are easier to handle sitting in a car.


Wendy's if I go in I always get a baked potato plus Jr Bacon Cheeseburger. Drive through a double no cheese (which is almost impossible to actually get without cheese) fries and drink


Burger King either Whopper Meal no Cheese or Original Chicken both with Satisfries


Taco Bell, pretty much just a pile of tacos

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I'm a bit of a cheapskate, but do like variety, so I typically keep my eyes open for a deal, or look for loopholes that allow me the best value for the least amount of cash, and often times order a courtesy water to keep the final bill at a minimum.


I don't drink carbonated beverages anyhow so there's no point in ordering a drink, or paying extra for a so called value meal even if it only sometimes amounts to about 50 cents more.


Those value meals tend to be designed to ensure that they get at least 5 bucks out of you if not more, all the while making you think that it was much easier to just order it that way.


At Frisch's drive-thru they for about the last 10 years will automatically say "Welcome to Frisch's would you like to try a combo meal?".


This is because generally a platter with two sides, or a combo meal with one side and a drink will essentially cost the customer around the same price, however for Frisch's it's more in their favor if you order the combo meal because the beverage they serve to you gives them a better return than the platter with two sides. For me it's always a platter with a water.


I do often answer online receipt surveys that offer discounts or freebies on next visits, however when ordering with them if the cashier doesn't ask me to hand it over to them, I'll keep it to use again on another visit.


So very often, and especially at a drive through you can tell them while ordering that you have one, and by the time you go to pay they either forget to ask for it, or it's a completely different person taking your money who isn't even aware that what you're paying is a discounted price.


I wouldn't dare say that I have one when I don't, or else I'll look pretty stupid it they did happen to ask for it.


I suppose that this could be viewed as me being a dishonest rip-off artist, but if they're not going to ask for it, I'm not going to voluntarily give it to them.


One of the best deals going that can adequately fill me up, is at Lee's Famous Recipe with their 2 chicken slider, a side, and a beverage, or no beverage deal.


With a beverage it comes to about $3.70, and without around $3.20.


They give you a healthy sized boneless meaty chicken tender on your slider, and two of them all together really equals one decent sized chicken sandwich. They come with pickle and mayo if you'd like. They have many sides to choose from including those can't get anywhere else breaded potato wedges, or else all the other sides typically offered at chicken joints. It all makes for a satisfying meal, filling me up where I never feel like I needed more.


It seem difficult to be adequately fed for under $5 or often times more, but with the Lee's deal you really can, and with most places if you're creative you can do it with their dollar menu. As an example a small chili (although I think their chili is too watered down) and a baked potato with butter and sour cream, and a water at Wendy's is really all that's necessary to fill me up, and all for under $3.


Many of the newer revamped fast food restaurant menu boards have been designed to highlight the more expensive items or combo meals, and often times won't even list their entire value items.


Although Arby's does still offer a small potato cake that comes with 2 of them, you'd be hard pressed to see it listed on their menu.


Burger King is another good example of this. Try finding a simple double cheeseburger listed. It's only about a buck and a half plus tax, but it's nowhere to be found on their menu board. They even have a triple cheeseburger for about $2.50 plus tax, but you wouldn't know it going by their menu.


Taco Bell is crappy with their dollar menu where typically on a burrito you're going to get that nasty heartburn inducing cheese sauce that will make you wish that you didn't even bother, or fall for it. It seems like a deal up front, but ultimately if you want anything that resembles real food there you have to get the more expensive items. They're cheaper items truly equates to you consuming more or less pedestrian offerings that can best be described as fake and nasty food.

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Only get things off the dollar menu, anywhere I go. Can never understand why people pay $6.00 or $7.00 at these places when you can get the same thing off the dollar menu for half the cost. :idunno:

Not sure who is worse. You or your brother?

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