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  1. I think Brossart may give Mason trouble!!! As far as first round matchups go, GRC got the best draw. Overall, Mason got the best draw. But as a Clark fan, I am happy with the draw.
  2. Come on Goldie!!! Be optimistic!!! Mason is in the opposite bracket!!!
  3. I think Mason got the best draw too, but I like GRC's draw!!!!
  4. I like the draw too. Did Brossart and Mason play in the regular season?
  5. That is true!! But I would rather have Scott in my bracket, than the defending state champions!!!!
  6. Clark Co will need to play for all four quarters in the regional games!!! It doesn't get any easier. I was really impress with the GRC crowd tonight!!! The Montgomery crowd seemed to be a lot smaller than normal. If Robbie was sick, hope that he gets better!!!!
  7. GRC still would beat Montgomery Co. on their best night!! GRC has too much talent!!
  8. I was really impressed with the Cards through the first three quarters!! When they got the big lead, they kind of let up. It is hard for a team to play with the same intensity, when they are up by 26 points. The point is, GRC finished the deal and didn't lose the lead. Congrats to the Cards on a 4th straight 40th district championship!!!! I hope that the regional draw is favorable for us. Congrats Cards!!!
  9. This should be a good game. GRC played a little lethargic in the Paris game. I hope to see the real Clark Co. team against Montgomery. I predict Clark by 12.
  10. Clark Co. should be ranked ahead of Mason County. Clark is undefeated in the 10th region and defeated Mason with a very depleted team.
  11. Robbie Stenzel hands down!!! He is an absolute stud!!!!
  12. I would love to see Bourbon County win, but think that Montgomery Co. is too strong.
  13. Why do you say that mhighfield? Mason County is every bit as good as GRC. You won't find a bigger GRC fan anywhere and I will admit that. If these two teams meet again, it should be a very good game.
  14. I spoke to Corey Rogers at the Mason Co. game!! He told us that he hoped to be back by tournament time. I am going to go with Clark Co by 3.
  15. Congrats to the 10th Region Champion Mason County Royals!!!! You plowed your way through the regional tournament like a team on a mission!! Good luck at the sweet 16 and make the 10th region proud. Bring home another state title. Send off Darius and the other seniors in style!! This Clark County fan will be in attendance at the sweet 16 and rooting for you. Only thing, I dont have any mason county blue? Guess I can wear kentucky blue. Does that count mason fans?
  16. Congatulations to the Royals and good luck in the championship game!! Mason had just too many horses for Clark County. It was a good year for clark county winning the district title and getting to the region semis. We just got beat by a better team tonight!! Did anyone see the UK contingent there?
  17. One of the best teams was the 1990 Clark County Cardinals!! They were coached by Guy Strong and made it to the state semifinals!! They were beat in a heartbreaker by Covington Holmes. They were oh so close to playing for the state title that year. Some of the members were Dante Gay, Chris McCoy, Shane Crum, Robbie Fulks, Rick Liggett and others. They won back to back regional titles in 1989 and 1990. They were ranked as high as #3 that year in the state.
  18. Are they giving out or selling programs at the 10th Region tournament this year? I know that last year they gave out programs at Mason County.
  19. I think Clark County wins this one! Gold Sunrise? What do you have against me? I have asked you several questions and got no replies?
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