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  1. I'm a little shocked by this score. Setty was sick and that did make a difference.
  2. GRC did a pretty good job of handling the press. LexCath did bother the Cards some with the press, but not like when they played the Cards at GRC last year or the year before.
  3. GRC is coming off a big road win at LexCath. GRC will play the Royals in the Fieldhouse. It should be a large and rowdy crowd Friday night. What is your thoughts and predictions on this game?
  4. Just got in from the game. Great win for GRC on the road. GRC started the game down 11-1 and then led 39-29 at halftime. GRC led by as many as 13 in the second half. LexCath closed the gap to one, but GRC made plays down the stretch. GREAT POSTEURIZING DUNK by Jaylen Daniels in the second quarter.
  5. Rowan Co deserves a lot of credit!! The coach has his kids ready to play tonight. GRC seemed worn out from the Toyota Classic. They played three games in 27 hours. I could tell that Robbie was sick tonight. I was really glad to seen Vinny Zollo back tonight. The GRC trainer deserves kudos for getting Vinny ready.
  6. GRC will take on Louisville Western in the finals of the Toyota Classic tonight!! Your thoughts and predictions on this game.
  7. My heart say Tates Creek, but I expect J-Town to win this in a close game. Ryan Fucci will have to step up and have a great game for the Creek to win.
  8. So proud of the Cards today for stepping up and playing a great game in Vinny's absence.
  9. GRC played one heck of a game today!! Robbie Stenzel had five 3's in the first half alone. Travis Purvis stepped up and played a great game in Vinny's absence. Charlie Rogers and Bopper Stenzel played great defense. GRC beat Christian Co without Zollo and Christian Co was at full strength. Christian Co has a very good team and I expect them to represent the 2nd Region at Rupp Arena.
  10. I believe that will be a VERY tough game. Christian Co is now at full strength and we are not. GRC can still win the game if they play well.
  11. That is good to know!! Did Christian Co win their game? I have to tried to find a score but I can't.
  12. I figured that he wouldn't play tomorrow. Can you speculate on how long he will be out? Im so glad that the xrays were good.
  13. Hey Goldie!! It was great to see you at the game tonight? What is the timetable for Vinny's return?
  14. I sure hope that Royal fans aren't hoping that he broke it. That would be just TERRIBLE!! I hate to see any young man to get hurt, no matter who he plays for.
  15. I hope and pray that it isn't broken. I hope that he is able to come back too.
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